How Technology Changes Education

How Technology Is Changing Education
Technologies have been innovated in a recent era which is impacting organizations and even institutions because teachers prefer e-learning and digitalized education provided to students. Everything which is being used in the institution nowadays is getting digitalized even books have been replaced by the internet which is a huge connection to the increase and growth of technology. 

It has been noticed that by technological advancement, several things within an institution have improved which include classrooms and the teaching processes. Technological improvements are complex which is why it is not easy to implement technological advancements in an organization or institution immediately. 

Strategic approaches are needed to be considered for the implementation of digitalization and technological advancements. By having technological advancements, things which are needed to be considered while incorporating e-learning in students are elaborated below:

Web Tools

By having technological advancements, the institutions are focusing on the development and use of web tools rather than using blackboards and chalkboards which is one of the traditional methods of education. The systems within institutions are getting changed by having software implementation along with providing an assessment to children about using web tools for educational purposes.


E-books are introduced in most institutions to get digitized by technological advancement along with reducing bulky bags which often resulted in making the students exhausted. Since technology has been revolutionized, e-learning and selecting e-books instead of traditional ones have been developed amongst the institutions. Also, it made the students relieved monetarily because the concept made the patents have a reduction in financial expenditure which previously happened in buying traditional books.

Online Assessment

With technological advancements, the grading criteria along with assessment techniques are also changed. The education system since got revolutionized, and teachers use different tactics for having an assessment which mostly involves online assessment by having online quizzes, and tests. Tools like this are important in having revolutionized the grading system.

Virtual Classrooms

It has been noticed that previously the classrooms were having blackboards and chalk by which the teachers used to deliver the topic, but nowadays the classrooms are getting visualized by having a projector on which the teacher delivers the lecture. The views of students and teachers get exchanged by having communication via virtual channels The platforms which are being implemented amongst the class include Animoto, Edmodo, and similar others.

Through the above discussion, it has been concluded that modernization is changing the educational system in the recent era. Institutions are following several tactics and innovative methods for introducing E-learning which is being conducted by implementing in having virtual classrooms, and initiation of e-learning by e-books. 

The communication system is also getting improved by having communication through video calling and emails. Also, lectures can be taken by students in the form of videos that can be uploaded by the teacher on the institution’s forum and via video calls from which the student can be able to tackle problems arising from the topic. Further, the problems arising from any topic or lecture can be solved via a question-answer forum of the institution
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