10 ways to keep your students motivated

10 ways to keep your students motivated
As a teacher, you have come across classes with students who are ready and yearn to learn. Maybe you have come across instances where you teach a class with a mix of both types of students. But what affects student motivation? How can you promote motivation in your students?

It is easier to teach students who are motivated than those who are not. You can spend many years enhancing your expertise as a teacher or use all the modern pedagogy of teaching but still fail as a teacher. Global Indian International schools recognize this aspect very well. For instance, the school encourages teachers to motivate students to finish their homework on time. It offers tips to help teachers achieve the same.

Many teachers do not take responsibility for motivating their students. They believe their job is to know the right content and educate their students; it is the student's responsibility to find their motivation for learning. It is high time for teachers to ditch this outdated idea and realize that motivation is paramount for students' success.

What makes students unmotivated?

Before we delve into the strategies that can help you motivate your students, let us first determine what demotivates students. Students can feel discouraged and demoralized because of the following reasons;

  • Lack of proper understanding of the instructions and the course content. When they do not comprehend anything, they will fail to complete any assignment or task given to them. Students will then lack the willpower to learn.
  • Lack of positive role models. When there is nobody to inspire and mentor students to value education, they will lose direction and feel demotivated.
  • No sense of purpose. When students lack an understanding of the importance of education, they will not put any effort into their learning process.
  • Inconsistent and unfair treatment from teachers can impact them negatively
  • Lack of recognition and appreciation

Strategies to help increase student motivation

Embrace a growth mindset

encourage students to embrace a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset. With a growth mindset, students believe they can succeed beyond their abilities and talents and are ready to face challenges. They are not discouraged by failure but see it as part of the growth process.

Share positive relationships

Share meaningful and respectful relationships with your students. Identify and understand each student at a personal level. Acknowledge their different abilities to learn and handle them accordingly.

Safe classroom environment

Provide a safe classroom environment where students are open to facing challenges and risks. Create collaborative sessions where students get a chance to help each other in achieving common goals.

Inspire them

Inspire students and leave a lasting impact on their lives. Share your success stories and challenge them to be achievers.

Give prompt and constructive feedback

Provide constructive feedback consistently and promptly. Offer meaningful praise when they do well and correct them positively when they go wrong. Give feedback about their work in good time. Prompt feedback resonates well and boosts confidence.

Award points with incentives

Use an award system with incentives. With this strategy, you give points when students complete an assignment and deduct points for any assignment they miss. Give age-appropriate incentives to students who get the highest number of points. This will encourage them to score high points to receive the reward.

Address them by their names

Know the students by their names. Call out their names every time you address them. This way will feel more connected with you. Students will feel a sense of respect and recognition, which bolsters their confidence.

Recognize their efforts

Recognize and appreciate their strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses. When students feel that their efforts and achievement are recognized, they will be excited and ready to learn more. No one wants to feel unappreciated. Recognition will drive them to look forward to learning and being better each day.

Fair treatment

Treat them consistently and fairly. When students feel that they are being treated differently from their peers, they will be discouraged. Avoid Discrimination and treat them equally regardless of their weaknesses.

Maintain a positive attitude

Always have a positive attitude and smile when teaching them. This way, students will feel comfortable and ready to engage with you.

As you can see, motivation is a crucial aspect of learning. For you to realize results as a teacher, take the responsibility of motivating your students. No student is unable to learn. Each student is unique. Acknowledge their different abilities, talents, and strengths. Encourage them to participate and share their ideas even if they are not correct. Use these strategies to make your students engaged. Spur in them the desire to learn and get the best out of their curricula.

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