Dog Food Ratings

Dog Food Rating

Dog Food Ratings

Has it ever crossed your mind as to how dog food is made? The advertisements and images that manufacturers present can sometimes give a false representation of what the dog food is actually comprised of. If you knew what actually goes into making the food for your dog, you may think twice about buying it again. Just because the dog food ratings say “quality”, does that quality truly meet your standards?

did you know that the pet food industry is actually an extension of the industries for human food and agriculture? This does make sense, and the waste from the human food and agricultural industries is sold to the pet food industry. But what exactly is waste? The waste is whatever is left over which can include slaughterhouse waste and grains that are unfit for us humans to eat.

This does not sound appetizing at all even when it comes to feeding our dogs. So how can the dog food ratings quantify “quality” in a product that is made from waste and is made to be consumed? The Association of American Feed Control Officials or AAFCO created what they believe to be a recipe that includes proper nutrition, and the dog food manufacturers follow this recipe with materials that are in accordance with the AAFCO guidelines. 

The basic concept is the same for any company making dry dog food; if it’s almost the same then why are there dog food ratings? The ingredients, remember they are “quality”, are mixed and heated into what becomes dough which is then made into various shapes. The shapes will then expand into the shapes that you are familiar with. The shapes are then dried and sprayed with tasty fat or oil so that your dog will love them. After the shapes have cooled, they are packaged and shipped off to stores for you to buy. As a side note, you shouldn’t get the dry dog food wet as it can attract bacteria which can make your dog very sick.

Is the rating for your best friend’s food that is stated good or bad? If it is good, remember it is processed from leftover waste from the human food and agricultural industries. Is the brand you buy a specialty kind of food such as natural, organic, or perhaps even a “super-premium?” If so, you are doing something right as these don’t use byproducts. However, the “meats” that are described in the list of ingredients are still scraps. 

Scraps can mean backs, spines, and ribs and can even be rendered. Rendered is a term that means the oil is extracted by a heating/melting process. The temperature used is very high and kills bad organisms, separates out the fat and water as well as alters or destroys natural proteins and enzymes that are found in the raw ingredients.

I have no intention of discouraging you from believing the dog food ratings that are given to the particular brand that you are currently feeding to your family pet. However, I do want you to understand that the ratings can be somewhat misleading because their definition of high nutrition and quality is probably much different than yours. If you want to make a change, try homemade food for your dog; not only is it easy to make but you are in complete control of what your dog is eating.

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