8 Power foods to lower blood pressure naturally

Most People probably know what blood pressure i.e. hypertension. Generally, we all know the functioning of the human heart as our heart takes beats it pumps blood throughout the body. As the heart pumps the blood through the body it pushes against the side of blood vessels. The strength of this pushing the blood through vessels is your blood pressure. If anyone has high blood pressure got results in putting an extra strain on blood vessels and the heart this extra strain on blood vessels and the heart may cause a heart attack or stroke. 

Generally, there are two types of blood pressure namely diastolic and systolic blood pressure. There are millions of people getting affected every year by high blood pressure. Studies show that one out of three Americans is affected by the condition of high blood pressure. Fruits and Vegetables play a vital role to stay fit and healthy. There are several natural blood pressure remedies that will help in lowering blood pressure. You can overcome this by doing regular exercise, chaining eating habits, etc. I am listing the 8 Power foods that help you to lower your blood pressure naturally.

Foods to lower the Blood Pressure

Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate-blood pressure remedies

If you are a chocolate lover and looking to power foods to lower your blood pressure then don’t worry because the study shows that eating a small square bite of dark chocolate will helps in lowering blood pressure. Dark Chocolate rich in flavanols will helps to some reduction of blood pressure. Dark Chocolate not only helps in lowering blood pressure but is also one of the most recommended diets for weight loss

garlic-food for low blood pressure

Garlic has its own health and medical importance. Several studies show that taking Garlic in form of tablets led to a 10 percent cut in blood pressure with lowering the risk of blood pressure and heart attack. People having hypertension or high blood pressure try to add garlic to their diet to slash the risk of heart disease and heart stroke.

Banana-natural blood pressure remedies

Banana is sweet and Chief food having several health benefits. The sweet fruit is fully packed with potassium. Bananas' potassium content makes them a great snack to be eaten anywhere with no need for a wash. As Banana is loaded with potassium and minerals which will help to balance the salt effects in the body getting resulted in the proper functioning of the kidney. According to a study eating two bananas daily helps to lower blood pressure by 10%. Banana not only helps to lower blood pressure but are also one of the most recommended fruits for skin glow.

Beets-herbs for blood pressure

According to research and study drinking, beet juice has several health benefits. According to a study drinking, beet juice along with apple juice get resulted in a lowering the systolic blood pressure just after six hours. Beets are loaded with nitrates which help to lower blood pressure. So try to include beet juice in your daily diet to lower your blood pressure.

Egg White
egg White-Power food to lower the blood pressure

Eggs are less expensive and with a rich source of high-quality proteins. Egg white is loaded with half of the protein with vitamin B12 and minerals. Egg yolk contains cholesterol and fatty acids. Egg white along with rich protein also loaded with a peptide that helps in lowering blood pressure. So take your protein-rich breakfast to lower the blood pressure to stay fit and healthy.

Whole Grains
Whole Grains-Food to lower blood pressure

According to study and research eating whole grains affect blood pressure. Whole grains have beneficial effects on cholesterol. Taking white grains diet helps to the reduction of systolic blood pressure in middle age. In addition to lowering blood pressure, there are several health benefits of white grains that help to reduce stroke, and type 2 diabetes and also help in weight management.


Tomatoes are one of the most recommended fruits or food to lower blood pressure. Tomatoes are loaded with rich lycopene which will help to lower blood pressure. According to a study taking 25 mg of lycopene found in tomatoes helps lowers Cholesterol levels by up to 10%. Tomatoes not only help to lower blood pressure but are also helpful in weight loss, and skin glow.

Watermelon-Fruits to lower the blood pressure

Studies show that L -citrulline helps in regulating blood pressure and blood flow. As watermelon is a rich source of L-Circuiline which helps in lowering blood pressure by regulating blood flow and blood pressure. As watermelon is also loaded with amino acids which will help in the prevention of pre-hypertension. Lycopene-rich diet watermelon helps to protect against heart disease.
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