Strategies for increasing metabolism

Strategies for increasing metabolism

Remember having that friend in college who could eat ten doughnuts every day and still look thin and feel vigorous, the whole you felt bloated and lethargic just sampling a dish of pudding? It may have seemed like a curse, but chances are she simply had a higher metabolism. visit her latest blog post for more details.

High or low metabolism is often thought to be something you are born with and can’t change. However, experts now agree there are many useful strategies for upping your metabolism, helping you stay thin and productive after partaking in rich food or drink.

Exercise With A Flourish

The next time you are walking to the store or jogging at the gym, try speeding up the pace for 30 or 60 seconds. Research shows that mitochondria, or fat-burning proteins in your cells, work harder if given a brief jolt in their workload. And there’s no need to sprint! A brief increase of only .5 MPH in walking or running will do the trick.

Green Tea

Think the medicinal properties of green tea are just a marketing gimmick? Think again. The catechin in green tea products may help to increase metabolism.

Dietary scientists are not sure exactly how catechin speeds up calorie burning, but they are certain that it does. Studies show that dieters who drink green tea are more likely to lose weight than those who drink regular tea or other beverages.

Eat Smarter, Not Less

The Mad Men character Don Draper famously stayed thin by smoking, drinking, and almost never eating anything. Unfortunately, in real life, it doesn’t work that way at all! The best way to maintain a healthy metabolism is to fuel your body with healthy food.

Doctors agree that if you eat too little, the body thinks it is malnourished and goes into fat-conservation mode by burning less. Go ahead and eat a full lunch and dinner, but make sure to keep your fat intake low. Extra portions of lean-prepared fish can actually help with weight loss.

Future Research Possibilities

Some supplements currently under scientific research could help maintain or increase metabolism. Research studies based on animal test subjects have shown that Sermorelin, a peptide supplement currently in the research stage, may help the body produce IGF-1, a protein that can lead to increased metabolism and growth of new cells. The product is not yet approved for human use or consumption by the FDA.

Buy Organic Produce

Going organic will help your metabolism by not exposing you to toxins. Studies show that non-organic produce can interfere with your thyroid’s ability to maintain a speedy calorie-burning rate.

Though solutions such as stocking up on green tea and avoiding factory produce may seem expensive in the short term, a healthy metabolic rate will increase your energy level and can boost your business career in the long run. So shop smart, fuel your body and watch your lifestyle and pocketbook grow richer in the years to come.

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