5 Weight Loss Workout Tips

Weight Loss Workout Tips
Getting rid of excess weight and extra inches seems to be a challenge many people face. To get the results you want, getting regular exercise through a weight loss workout and eating a healthy, balanced diet are crucially important components of your plan. 

Weight loss achieved through fad diets, extreme food, calorie restriction, fasting, and exercise gimmicks is not sustainable weight loss and most people find they regain the weight they lost through these methods plus more when they resume their normal lifestyle and activities. 

To drop weight and keep it off, a routine comprised of aerobic exercise, strength training, flexibility, and variety is safe, effective, and can be adapted to your fitness level and lifestyle.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise


Aerobic exercise is good for cardiovascular health and incinerates calories helping people lose weight. Improved heart and lung capacity, endurance, and conditioning are just a few benefits of aerobic exercise.

Getting aerobic exercise and elevating the heart level at least three times per week for twenty minutes a time is a great way to improve your heart health and improve your physical health and endurance. 

Whether you walk, run, jog, take aerobics classes or enjoy other forms of aerobic exercise, you will enjoy the benefits of better health and an improved figure by staying consistent with your workout routine.

Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training helps increase your body's lean muscle mass, an important tool in your losing weight tool kit. Because it takes more energy to maintain a pound of muscle than a pound of fat, those who build muscle mass will burn a higher number of calories than those who have less muscle.

Even when sedentary, more calories must be burned to support a muscular body than a body with poor muscle tone and excess fat.

Strength training allows you to build lean muscle mass. By increasing the weight and repetitions you perform, lean muscle tissue is strengthened, lengthened, and expanded resulting in more caloric energy output and a toned, muscular look. 

Incorporate weight-bearing exercise into your weight loss workout routine two to three times a week and reap the calorie-burning benefits of increasing your lean muscle.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga offers a host of health and weight loss benefits. Yoga enhances the mind and body connection and helps relieve stress. Stress hormones play a major role in the way the body stores fat. 

Reducing stress can help your body reduce stress hormone levels that can help you drop stubborn pounds.

Additionally, yoga is a terrific way to enhance flexibility and improve your posture and range of movement. Training the muscles to elongate, stretch and lengthen through yoga will help you with your balance, flexibility, and fluidity of movement. 

Yoga allows practitioners to tone their bodies as they quiet their minds and provides an opportunity for people to connect with themselves and focus on their inner strength and transform from the inside out. 

Aim for two to three-hour-long yoga sessions a week and you will be amazed at the transformation you see and feel.

Benefits of Other Weight Loss Workouts

In addition to your regular aerobic, strength training, and yoga workouts, there are other weight loss workouts you can incorporate to keep things interesting and avoid weight loss plateaus that happen once your body gets accustomed to your usual workouts. 

By changing your workouts, you will engage different muscle groups and give yourself mental stimulation that will help you stick to your fitness and weight loss goals. 

Try a cycling class and get a cardiovascular aerobic workout that will challenge your hips, thighs, and legs. Dancing is another fun and high-energy way to get aerobic training and torch calories.

Hip-hop, country line dancing, belly dancing, ballet, jazz, and other dance classes will give you a great workout and many people say they do not feel like they are working out when they are dancing.

Pilates classes can be a great benefit to your aerobic and strength training routines and keep you looking long, lean, and toned through the stretching and lengthening exercises Pilates provides.

Water aerobics and other aquatic classes are easy on joints and provide resistance and cardiovascular training along with a totally new environment to keep your senses and mind stimulated and engaged.

A Proven Approach

No matter what types or combinations of weight loss workouts appeal to you, mixing in a variety of new activities every few weeks will help keep your workout feeling fresh and give you new fitness goals and challenges to accomplish. 

Gyms, community centers, churches, schools, and other community organizations often offer a full month's worth of different types of classes so you can really challenge yourself and try a new workout every week. You may even find a new favorite workout you can enjoy for life in one of these classes.

Taking a multi-tiered approach to your weight loss through aerobics, strength training, yoga, and adding variety to challenge yourself will help you drop unwanted pounds. With consistency, you will achieve your health goals and get the fit figure you want.

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