8 Minute Abs Workout Plan That Will Get You Ripped in No Time

Abs Workout Plan

Looking for a way to achieve six pack faster? If yes, then 8 minute abs workout plan is without a doubt your best bet. The truth is, while there are many other ways you can get ripped much faster, it is rare to find an abs exercise that targets your entire core muscles at once.

More often you will have to change several positions or practice for longer hours to engage all your belly muscles. If you don’t have all the time and energy, it is likely that you will give up in the middle.

​I’m going to share with you an 8 minute abs workout routine that has worked for many and will surely work for you. All you need is, to go through this article to understand what you are required to do.

What Exactly is 8 Minute Abs Workout?

Just as the name implies, 8 minute abs workout routine is an exercise routine designed to help you develop ripped abs faster without sacrificing much of your time or working too hard. Unlike any other abs workout routine, you only need 8 minutes to engage your obliques as well as your entire core. But to achieve this successfully, you need to include strength training exercises as well as a healthy diet plan.

Probably, your main excuse for having one pack is, having a tight work schedule. With this exercise plan, you only need 8 minutes either in the morning before you leave for work or in the evening hours when you are from work to engage your entire core.

How Will You Benefit?

1. Improved Posture

A better posture reduces the amount of pressure on your back preventing deterioration of your spine. Performing 8 minute abs exercises will strengthen your core as well as correct your posture by distributing your entire weight evenly throughout your body. These abs exercises are intended to strengthen the muscles around your stomach as well as to open your hip flexors improving the way you stand, sit or sleep.

2. Reduce The Risk of Lower Back Pain

If your work schedule requires you to spend long hours on a computer, it is likely you’ve been experiencing lower back pain. Probably, that is the reason you are here. If you can stick to this workout plan, you don’t have to worry about that. The 8 minute workout plan is intended to help improve strength as well as the mobility in your gluteus, and back not only to improve your posture but also to prevent back pain.

3. Stronger Core And Slim Waistline

As you might already know, achieving six pack isn’t as easy as it seems. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. By sticking to the right exercise plan, you can always get ripped in no time. The 8 minutes abs workout routine, incorporates some of the most effective abs exercises that not only require less time but are also safe for all fitness levels. This workout routine includes proper exercises as well as the right intensity you need to achieve six abs in no time.

4. Better Athletic Performance

Whether you are a swimmer, tennis player, or football player, you are always required to produce some force with your legs or limbs. Achieving this with unstable core muscles will be hard. This exercise routine is not only intended to help you get ripped faster but also to help you achieve stronger and more stable core muscles in no time with the aim of improving your athletic performance.

What You’ll Need

• An exercise mat to reduce the impact of the floor on your body
• Some free workout space with limited distractions
• A music system and some great workout songs to keep you motivated.

8 Minute Workout Plan

1. Planks

Hardstyle plank
Plank workout is one of the most popular abs exercises. It engages almost all your core muscles including external oblique, gluteus rectus, and transverse abdominous.

How to perform

• Start in a press up position, but this time bend both your elbows to rest your entire weight on your forearms.
• With your body straight from your ankles to shoulders, tighten your muscles by sucking in your belly button.
• Hold for 60 seconds, and release and relax for 30 seconds before the next exercise.

2. Jack-Knife

Often called V-crunch, jack-knife is one of the most efficient abs exercises ever known. It targets almost all the muscles that create a highly-defined six pack.

How to perform

• Start on the floor with your back flat on the mat and your arms over your head.
• Lift both your limbs at the same time to form a V-shape and try reaching your toes with your hands.
• Return and repeat the exercise for 1 minute and relax for 30 seconds before doing the next exercise.

3. Scissor Kicks

Scissor Kicks
This exercise targets transverse abdominal, and deep stomach muscles as well as your hip flexor. Besides developing your abs muscles, it helps improve posture, balance, and stability.

How to perform

• Start by lying facing up on a mat with your legs extended.
• Ensure that your back is flat on the mat, tighten your abs, and tuck your pelvis.
• Raise your right leg in a vertical plane and slightly above the mat, return and do the same for your right leg.
• Do this repeatedly creating a scissoring motion for approximately 30 seconds, relax and repeat one more time. Relax for a minute before doing the next exercise.

4. Side Crunches

Side Crunches
Side crunches target your side as well as front core muscles, but mostly your obliques to strengthen and create well-defined abs.

How to perform

• Lie on a mat with your face up and both your hands behind your ears
• Bring your knees together and bend them to form a 90-degree angle.• Bring both your knees to the left side to touch the mat.
• Lift your shoulders and do several crunches for approximately 1 minute and then change the other side. Repeat for one minute.

Additional Tips

• Warm up properly to increase the temperature in your core muscles before performing these workouts.
• Stick to the right diet plan and avoid overeating before your bedtime.
• Add some workout program that includes a variety of strength training exercises.

The Bottom Line

One fact is, finding time to exercise can be a task, especially if you have to sit in your office the whole day. The 8 minute abs workout plan is designed for men or women who are ever-busy and those who can’t find time to exercise in a public gym.

They are easy, require less time, are equipment free, and the best part can be performed at home with much ease. But this doesn’t eliminate the fact that you still need to exercise and eat healthily to improve your body’s fat-burning rate.
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