Top 25 Fitness Blogs to Follow

Best Fitness Blogs

Of course, the internet today is filled with a lot of blogs. While it would have been challenging to find them 5 or 10 years ago, the actual work now is separating the wheat from the chaff to determine the ones that are really worthy of your little reading time. If you are a fitness enthusiast looking for some great fitness blogs online, we have found them for you.

Below, you will find 25 excellent fitness blogs that never disappoint. Keep an eye on them for smart exercise plans, science-backed tips, and the impulse or motivation you require to put everything you learn into action.

1. Purely Twins

Created by Lori Morris and Michelle Corso, Purely Twins is a suitable blog for females as the duo talks about how they were able to heal their acne, recover from pregnancy, and other life aspects that might be struggling for females, revolving around health and fitness. Besides, the twins have an excellent friendly approach.

2. Chris Powell

With an unbending commitment to helping other people, Chris, through his blog, is using his education, expertise, and innovative techniques to guide excessively overweight people as they shed several hundreds of pounds over the span of one year.

3. Power Cakes

Kasey is a health, food, and fitness enthusiast and the founder of the PowerCakes website and blog. Kasey is a person that is really enthusiastic and passionate about physical fitness, baking, and cooking. She takes pride in teaching the significance of people finding their balance in life.

4. Susan Arruda

With over 35 years of experience in fitness training, there is no doubt that Susan Arruda is an expert when it comes to fitness. Whether you are looking to have a complete health and body transformation, or start workout programs regularly designed and reviewed, this blog is where to find everything.

5. Fit Girls’ Diary

Monica May, a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, is the founder and brain behind Fit Girl’s Diary. This blog is perfect for every girl struggling with any sort of fitness issue as Monica has completely devoted herself to coaching them and helping them get fit and healthy.

6. Fitnesssista

Gina, a personal trainer, weight loss specialist, and group fitness instructor, created Fitnesssista a few years ago, and the blog has developed into becoming one of the most interesting fitness and lifestyle blogs on the internet. This blog is centered on healthy lifestyle, and it emphasizes on quick recipes, quick workouts, and adventures as a mom and wife.

7. Jill Will Run

Founded by Jill, who is a runner and a fitness and health enthusiast, JillWillRun is a fitness blog that is centered on fitness and health products.  This blog is a destination for reviews of a variety of the best products related to health and fitness.

8. Run Steff Run

Founded by Steff, who is also an avid runner and a fitness enthusiast, Run Steff Run is a great fitness blog. On the blog, Steff drops inspirational pieces as well as tips that might help runners on a regular basis, and a lot of people find her blog really helpful.

9. Fat Girl to Iron Man

Fat Girl to Iron Man was created by Tamsyn Smith, who is a fitness blogger with multiple awards to her credit. The blog is focused on encouraging and providing fat girls with effective fitness tips that would help them get in shape.

10. Ryan Schwantes

The creator of this blog, Ryan Schwantes, has built a career in helping people to overcome addictions. Asides, from that he has a lot of passion for physical fitness. Through his blog, he helps people to overcome addictions and he also provides great fitness tips from time to time.

11. Taking the Long Way Home​

Wendy, the creator of this blog, is also a keen runner who has been running almost all her life. Taking the Long Way Home is a blog that is about training, running, and pushing yourself beyond limits. Wendy is committed to inspiring people through this blog.

12. Running Food Baby

Running Food Baby was created by Rebecca, who is a teacher and also a marathon runner. This blog was created to provide people with tips about running, food, as well as parenting.

13. Run to the Finish

Any keen runner will find Amanda Brooks relatable, and she may even end up changing the minds of running haters. Discussing everything from how to endure lengthy treadmill runs to giving you compelling runs to run, this post of this personal trainer is filled with the drive to remain focused.

14. Ashley Borden

Ashley Borden is a lifestyle and fitness consultant to a couple of world-class athletes and the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. Her incredible ability to tailor her training structure, along with her honesty and sharp wit, is ideal for several high-profile clients. Her blog is one of the most interesting fitness blogs on the internet.

15. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is the only blog that can tell you what The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings have to do with the science behind weight loss and exercise. On Nerd Fitness, Steve Kamb gives practical views on confidence boosting topics that any reader will find compelling.

16. Jen Sinkler

Named after the founder, Jen Sinkler, who is a fitness enthusiast cum fitness writer, the Jen Sinkler blog is a blog where you will get to find varieties of tips regarding fitness training. This blog is no doubt one of the best fitness blogs on the web.

17. Workout Nirvana

Created by Suzanne Digre, a fitness and wellness enthusiast, Workout Nirvana is a cool fitness blog on the internet, covering topics about how improve strength training, how to get lean, and how to prevent injuries.

18. Dai Manuel

Created by Dai Manuel, who was an obese teenager himself, the Dai Manuel Blog is a platform designed to empower you to lead a functionally fit life through encouragement, education, and community. Dai Manuel is able to inspire others through his personal experience with fitness issues.

19. Knocked-Up Fitness

Knocked-Up Fitness is the brainchild of a mother of three, Erica Ziel. Erica is a certified personal trainer and specialist in fitness infused Pilates. Having trained several clients for over 10 years, Erica is a specialist when it comes to prenatal and postnatal training. Also, she gives woman tips on how to develop their core strengths so that their pregnancy, delivery, and recovery would be easier.

20. Carmyy

Carmy, the founder of Carmyy, is a fitness enthusiast and avid runner who loves sharing kitchen tips with people. The Carmyy is a platform where Carmy shares healthy meal preps and recipes along with her travel experiences.

21. Hungry Hobby

Kelli Shallal, the owner of Hungry Hobby, is a personal trainer and registered dietitian who is committed to helping her clients achieve their health goals. On this though, Kelli’s love for food shines bright as she provides many food recipes and excellent healthy eating tips for her readers.

22. Roman Fitness Systems

John Romaniello, Editor-in-chief of Roman Fitness Systems, likes his writing about fitness to be well spicy and frank. With a blend of science-proven nutritious recipes, exercise tips, and career advice, the blog features bluntly titled posts such as “New Alternatives to Protein Shakes That Aren’t Boring AF” and “How to Overcome the Fear That’s Holding Back Your Business and Probably Making You an Asshole.”

23. Jess Runs

Owned by Jess, who is an avid runner, Jess runs is a blog site that is sure to give you all the motivations you need as a runner. The Jess Runs blog focuses majorly on tips and motivations for beginners as well as advanced runners. Jess also provides the readers of this blog with health and nutritional tips.

24. Fit Bottomed Girls

Erin Whitehead and Jennipher Walters, the creators of Fit Bottomed Girls, are women who know that exercise ought to be enjoyed, not endured. This blog is an excellent combination of real discussions, laughs, motivation, workouts, and more. They have a practical and lighthearted approach to fitness.

25. Born Fitness

Adam Bornstein has a no-nonsense approach to nutrition and exercise and all is made apparent on Born Fitness. No matter the level of your fitness, Adam’s words will give you several reasons to think, combined with tools required to fuel your workouts, power up your body, and make you feel better than you have ever felt.

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