How to Tighten Loose Skin after Weight Loss

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You may notice after losing weight or having a baby, your skin looks saggy and flabby especially around the tummy and on the arms. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it is incredibly elastic and can be repaired. Just like other organs in your body, it is made up of cells which require good nutrition and hydration. It can take up to two years for your skin to regain its elasticity and to shrink to fit your new body, so be patient. To help accelerate the process, follow these helpful tips:

How to tighten loose skin after weight loss

Tighten Loose Skin
Drink Plenty of Water – Not drinking enough water will cause your body to hold onto any water you do drink giving you a bloated puffy look. Drink at least 64oz of water a day to reduce bloating and tighten your skin.

Eat Raw Fruits & Veggies 

Raw fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help to repair damaged cells and repair damaged loose skin. The more you cook these foods, the more nutrients are cooked out of them.

Eat Lean Protein

Lean protein contains collagen and other nutrients which helps your skin stay elastic. Eating lean protein also helps to build lean muscle which helps you to become better toned.

Avoid Foods High in Fat 

Foods high in unhealthy fat will cause your body store fat in its cells, cause weight gain and is not good for your skin.

Do Weight Training 

Add weight training to your workout routine three times a week to build toned lean muscle mass. Using light weights to build lean muscle will not give you an overly mascular look but will give you a toned figure and will tighten loose skin.

Do Calisthenics

Calisthenics are great for building lean muscle which helps to tighten loose skin. Examples of calisthenics are lunges, pushups, squats, planks, pullups, jumping jacks and crunches.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate your skin daily to remove dead skin cells and to increase circulation. There are a variety of sea salt and mineral scrubs available. Use them in the shower each day and you’ll notice tighter smoother skin after a couple of weeks.

Collagen Creams and Skin Firming Lotions

Skin tightening creams with herbal ingredients suxh as Aloe Vera, Vitamins C, E and A will increase collagen and elastin in your skin.

Limit your Sun Exposure

Too much time in the sun as well as tanning beds can dry out your skin and damage the skin cells at the same time.

Be patient

Depending on how much weight you lost, loose, sagging skin will take time to repair and shrink down so be patient. If you are young and lost weight due to a pregnancy, your skin may shrink back pretty quickly. If you have lost a hundred pounds that you carried around for many years, it may not shrink back as quickly. Unfortunately, age can also slow the rate of returning to its original elasticity. Be patient and keep visualizing a toned, tightened body. What works for one person may not work for you so try various ways to tighten your skin and see what is helpful for you.

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