Benefits of Eating whole lemons – Peel, White Part and Seeds

Benefits of whole lemons

Benefits of Eating whole lemons, lemons are stacked with L-ascorbic acid, there is potassium magnesium b6 b1 b2 there’s copper there’s vitamin E and if you use actual fresh lemon you’ll get vitamin C 

So here you are taking a lemon cutting it in half squeezing it in your water disregarding the peel from the garbage and then you drink your lemon water thinking you’re getting all these amazing nutrients but did you realize that the peel the white part which is called the pith and the seeds have five times more nutrition than the juice in the pulp when you hear. Benefits of Eating whole lemons

Benefits of Eating whole lemons

I’m going to talk about the benefits of using the whole lemon you will never waste the peel again so let me explain.

Normally, lemons are stacked with L-ascorbic acid except if it’s sanitized and you’re polishing off like lemon juice from some jug so assuming it’s purified it’s warmed there’s not really any L-ascorbic acid unless they add it in there but there is potassium magnesium b6 b1 b2 there’s copper there’s vitamin e and if you use actual fresh lemon you’ll get vitamin c.

If you actually consume the white part of the lemon and the outer peel and the seeds, you’re going to get some additional very cool benefits that I want to educate you on now the first thing I want to cover is vitamin C.

Vitamin C deficiency is related to something called scurvy where you lose your collagen and your joints you have a lot of fatigue you might say that scurvy doesn’t exist now but I think there are subclinical versions of scurvy that people have and they don’t even really know that they had it but in the 30s. Benefits of Eating whole lemons

Scientists have found that using straight ascorbic acid which is considered vitamin C which it’s really not it’s just one part of the vitamin C complex they found that using ascorbic acid does not work as well as using the whole vitamin c complex from lemons paprika or oranges.

In other words, they found some other additional things in the whole fruit like lemons that are not in ascorbic acid and so back in the 30s they identified vitamin p now they don’t call it vitamin P anymore because typically vitamins fulfill certain criteria and vitamin p does not fulfill that criteria

Vitamin P stands for permeability as in vascular permeability or capillary permeability or microvascular permeability now permeability is basically the ability of your vascular system to allow things to move in and out between the vascular system. Benefits of Eating whole lemons

So, there are various gaps that occur and when you have too much of a gap you have symptoms like bleeding gums like gingivitis you might get spider veins varicose veins hemorrhoids which involve the veins.

You might get bruising you might get a bleeding nose or edema so they found this p factor vitamin p helps to tighten up those junctions those gaps and prevents this multitude of side effects so the p factor is actually important for the L-ascorbic acid complex that is in nature. Benefits of Eating whole lemons

So typically, in nature you don’t just have ascorbic acid you have ascorbic acid which is the antioxidant portion you have also the p factor which is really the bioflavonoids and there’s around 8,000 different bioflavonoids in specific plant mixtures and what I will discuss is the citrus bioflavonoids.

These bioflavonoids are important for the L-ascorbic acid complex different pieces of the L-ascorbic acid complex would be the j variable or nutrient j another thing that I’m not going to get into now but vitamin j helps increase the oxygenation in your lungs. Benefits of Eating whole lemons

They help it helps you breathe better and then you also have copper in the vitamin c complex in an enzyme form called tyrosinase and that copper is really important in collagen formation this is why vitamin c is so good for collagen joint health etc and then you also have vitamin k1 which is part of the vitamin c complex as well which also helps to prevent bleeding and things like that.

Vitamin k1 is involved with clotting so when you’re consuming the white part in the outside part of the lemon or limes you are getting a tremendous amount of this extra vitamin p or let’s just call it the bioflavonoids which can really help you in many different ways including some additional things for the eye I mean think about what happens in with diabetes. Benefits of Eating whole lemons

You have a lot of damage in the capillaries you have damage in the nervous system because the capillaries are no longer feeding the nerves so you get peripheral neuropathy you have a lot of problems of the eye as in diabetic retinopathy in diabetes.

You have macular degeneration you get cataracts you get glaucoma dry eyes and so you have a lot of leaking of blood through the capillaries in the eye caused by the destruction of the high glucose but if you’re a diabetic and you actually take these bioflavonoids from lemons you can greatly reduce the complications that occur from diabetes and this incredible oxidation that is just destroying your capillary system. Benefits of Eating whole lemons

Now here’s I’m going to recommend that you do and you just need to try this once to see and once you try this, you’re going to like it you’re going to feel good and you’re going to want to do this every day.

One lemon you’re going to blend it okay make sure the lemon is an organic lemon I would blend the whole thing seeds and all unless the seeds bother your stomach. Benefits of Eating whole lemons

Certain individuals um they could find that they have a responsiveness or gastritis in their stomach thus they could take the seeds out however there’s a ton of nourishment in these seeds they’re not poisonous like eating cherry seeds or apricot seeds things like that the seeds from lemons or limes are totally fun.

So, what you do is you simply take eight ounces of water one cup of water put in the blender take the whole lemon and blend it on down for probably 30 to 45 seconds. Benefits of Eating whole lemons

It will make this whitish drink that’s very, very bitter so you know it’s good for the liver and especially a fatty liver not to mention your skin and giving you this large number of other extraordinary advantages now to balance the sharpness I typically prefer to utilize fluid stevia drops and contingent upon your taste you should attempt only five drops and check whether that is adequate.  Benefits of Eating whole lemons

Some people like it a little bit sweeter so put up to 10 drops so between 5 and ten drops and then just slug it down it’s actually quite delicious now you can likewise use it rather than stevia frozen blueberries.

You blend a cup of blueberries frozen with your lemon and mix it on down it makes a flavorful lemon blueberry shake so attempt this consistently for a greasy liver as well as to get the additional advantages of the supposed side-effect of lemons that the vast majority are dismissing in light of the fact that they don’t have a clue about all the astounding bio flavonoid benefits from the entire lemon.  Benefits of Eating whole lemons.

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