Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Hello everyone. In this article, we will talk about Vitamin C health benefits so what comes to your mind when you think of the term Vitamin C.

This question will be analyzed in this article, so let’s see at the end of this article who doesn’t like a glass of lemon water or orange juice. In this article, we will analyze the health benefits of a glass of orange juice in which there is weight and burden, nutrient C

Vitamin C health benefits

Therefore, vitamin C is chemically called ascorbic acid and it can be found in various sources. The best source for nutrient C is not orange, but pepper. Red bell pepper carries 5 instances of extra nutrient C.

In addition to bell peppers and oranges, it is clear that lemons, oranges, guavas, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, or kiwi can provide ample amounts of nutrient C. Now nutrient C is soluble in water and has a considerable heat label.

So if you cook food containing vitamin C, it can be bad. For example, in case you are cooking bell peppers, there may be a scarcity of vitamin C. Eat ingredients that preserve nutrition C. Maintains and makes it more available to our body.

We now know that our bodies are bombarded with many superoxide ions or reactive oxygen species which we call Ross every day. This can damage the DNA and proteins in the membrane or increase the risk of inflammation. Has a terrible position in modulating ascorbic acid?. This reactive oxygen species makes it act like a ros scavenger.

nutrient C is now essential for wound healing and collagen synthesis. It accelerates wound healing and helps in the stages of collagen biosynthesis.

Furthermore, research has shown that nutrient C improves heart health, reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke, and is highly beneficial for skin and hair.

Since it promotes collagen synthesis it is beneficial for your skin but now how collagen has a triple helix structure each of them can get collagen helix hydroxylase and it hardens towards this collagen helix This hydroxylation process is now enhanced by several hydroxylase enzymes and ascorbic acid. Vitamin C acts as a coenzyme for these enzymes.

How it helps to brighten our skin Nutrient C helps in the amount of iron in the intestines and that is why Vitamin C reduces the chances of iron deficiency. Furthermore, we need to understand how nutrient C. How it affects our brain shows that nutrient C is linked to brain functions.

You know that neurons inside our brains are connected by synapses and we can see in the synapses that the neurotransmitter that forms the link is involved in the role of vitamin C in many neurotransmitter biogenesis, for example, when dopamine.  Is converted to norepinephrine. This hydroxylase pro helps the process of hydroxylation by dopamine. Oxygen and nutrient  C play an important role in this process.

Similarly, from tryptophan to serotonin, serotonin biogenesis involves the process of hydroxylation, which enables the hydroxylase enzyme, and vitamin C, which acts as a coenzyme. Maybe that’s not true.

Ascorbic acid does not have any ability to kill the virus. Then how useful is Vitamin C? I will tell you that the science behind it states that all the important cases of cod have low levels of Vitamin C. The risk of pneumonia is much higher. 

When the level of vitamin C in the patient’s body decreased, now post-mortem examination after the death of Covid 19 shows that there are secondary manifestations of pneumonia. All of this evidence tells us that a lack of vitamin C affects you. A severe cold is more susceptible to infection but that doesn’t mean eating too many oranges.

You can get rid of the cod infection completely, it is not that it has nothing to do with each other, it is a complete misunderstanding, now not only vitamin C but also a good diet of vitamin C which is rich in vitamins.

Drinking lots of fluids with macro and micronutrients lowers strain stages and removing all awful behavior can enhance your immune gadget as an entire and not directly assist your frame combat off the virus. None of these things or none of them will help fight. Factors can contribute to an individual’s immune system.

On the whole, they can help your body’s immune system to function better, so adequate levels of vitamin C in your body ethically reduce the chances of serious infections.

But still, this is a medical observation. Now I will tell you what effect nutrient C has on immune cells. We know that neutrophils are dendritic cells or macrophages, congenital immune cells.

These native immune cells use a mechanism called oxidative bursts to kill bacteria such as pathogens.

These immune cells absorb large amounts of vitamin C through specific transporters and play a protective role in the increasing use of vitamin C.

Now we say that if there is an injury in your hand or somewhere in your body so viruses or bacteria will enter there then your immune cell needs to reach this place for example this neutrophil in the blood vessel. Need to get out of the area of ​​infection. .

Therefore, nutrient C helps in the process of this type of chemotherapy. It has been observed that when animal subjects are deprived of Vitamin C, this process of chemotherapy is severely affected.

In addition, cytokines that mediate the inflammatory process, as well as nutrient C and vitamins D and E, reduce overall pro-inflammatory cytokines but increase anti-inflammatory cytokines and thus maintain immune homeostasis.

So what we have learned so far is that nutrient C indirectly modulates immune functions but has no direct role in killing any germs. Vitamin C deficiency ailment is referred to as scurvy. It is characterized by bleeding gums and the appearance of your gums possibly caused by a problem in connective tissue. Collagen levels are now low. If left untreated, there can be many related problems.

Therefore, vitamin C deficiency is very common but it can be cured by taking an adequate amount of vitamin C or some supplement.

So the question is how much nutrient C we should use daily for adults, the recommended daily intake of vitamin C is 65 to 90 mg with an upper limit of 2000 mg daily.

Now if you eat it in large quantities, vitamin C has no side effects but it can cause some discomfort in your stomach but it is rare and different in different people.

So you can get your entire daily intake of vitamin C from food and these are just a few nutrient C supplemental foods. Better a bad horse than no horse at all. We have learned that a glass of lemon water or a glass of orange juice has more health benefits than we think.

  • It can help reduce inflammation.
  • It can help prevent iron deficiency.
  • It can boost our immune system.
  • It can control blood pressure.

Reduce the risk of heart health and much more

So we should remember that we should eat and consume foods rich in vitamin C but at the same time we should cook our food in such a way that it does not cause vitamin C deficiency as it is a very hot vitamin and we need salads Should be used more and raw fruit.

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