Back Pain Breakthrough Review - Dr. Steve Young's Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Breakthrough Review - Dr. Steve Young's Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Breakthrough is a video training program that shows you how to stop suffering from back pain.

A 6-part back pain masterclass, step-by-step video tutorials, and advanced healing procedures are included in the $37 program. Is the cost of Back Pain Breakthrough justified? 

Is it possible to obtain immediate relief from back pain? In todays review, we'll tell you all you need to know about Back Pain Breakthrough. 

What is Back Pain Breakthrough? sells a back pain therapy called Back Pain Breakthrough. 

Videos, PDF manuals, and other digital elements make up the protocol. The purpose is to show you how to get rid of your back pain in a practical way. 

Back discomfort affects 80 percent of Americans at some point in their lives. Back pain might be relieved immediately in some cases. Other types of back pain can continue for years. People deal with back discomfort in a variety of ways. Some people are taking medicine. Others will get surgery. Some people accept their doctors advice, while others opt for other treatments. 

Back Pain Breakthrough is a non-traditional back pain treatment program. It was developed by a woman who had been suffering from excruciating back pain for years, but who has now entirely removed all traces of her agony without the use of medicines or surgery.

How Does Back Pain Breakthrough Work? 

Back Pain Breakthrough is a non-traditional back pain treatment program.

Stop listening to your doctors advice for back pain, according to the Back Pain Breakthrough sales website. Don't get surgery, don't take back pain medications, and don't follow your doctors advice. Instead, you should use Back Pain Breakthroughs alternative therapy approach to address the fundamental cause of your back pain, which can help you get rid of it in as little as 30 days. 

Dr. Steve Young, a physical therapist in Philadelphia, developed Back Pain Breakthrough. 

Amy Palmer is also featured on the sales page. No matter how serious your back pain is, what type of medical conditions you have, or what your doctor has told you in the past, Amy and Dr. Young believe that the program is absolutely safe for everyone to use.

You may totally eradicate your back pain without medicines, surgery, or intrusive treatments if you follow the Back Pain Breakthrough approach. Simply follow Dr. Young is prescribed therapies, and your back pain will be gone in as little as 30 days. 

Dr. Young claims that his approach works in 30 days or less for anyone suffering from any sort of back pain. You may use the Back Pain Breakthrough method to eradicate back pain without breaking a sweat, whether you have sciatica, general back discomfort, or any other ailment.

Back Pain Breakthrough Features & Benefits Dr. Young asserts Back Pain Breakthrough will provide you with the following advantages: 

With a 30-second movement that everyone can do at home on a regular basis, you can get quick relief from back discomfort.

Remove all back discomfort without using any equipment, exerting any effort, or even breaking a sweat. 

Use the same routines that professional athletes use to avoid injury for years. 

Physical therapy, chiropractors, invasive medical procedures, pain medicines, and supplements for pain alleviation should all be avoided.

Enjoy immediate relief from back discomfort, followed by total and long-term relief after 3 to 4 weeks.

Back pain is, without a doubt, difficult. Even the most effective back pain treatments don't work for everyone. Dr. Young, on the other hand, is certain that his protocol is unique. Let's look more closely at how Dr. Young and Amy came up with the protocol. 

The Story Behind Back Pain Breakthrough Back Pain Breakthrough was invented by Dr. Steve Young. To promote the program online, Dr. Young tells the story of one of his patients, Dr. Amy Palmer. 

Since 1995, Amy has been suffering from unbearable, terrible back agony.

Amy went to see her doctor about her back problems, but she received poor advice. Amy swore at her doctor and resolved never to listen to traditional medical expertise again when her doctor failed to cure her back pain:

My name is Amy Palmer, and I'd want to introduce myself. And in the next minutes I'm going to tell you about the most terrifying and terrifying day of my life. That day when I cursed my doctor… Before fleeing out of the room, bawling my eyes out, I told him to go *beep* himself. I'm wishing I'd never entered his office.

Amy is back discomfort grew so severe that she was unable to exercise, causing her to gain weight. She tried pills, stretching, massage therapy, cortisone injections, acupuncture, yoga, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other treatments for back pain. Nothing seemed to work. Amy's suffering actually worsened.

Amy believed she'd be doomed to suffer from back pain for the rest of her life. 

To make matters worse, Amy is doctor informed her that she required immediate spinal surgery. Amy is spine was so badly damaged that the discs were about to rupture, breaking her back, slicing her spinal cord in half, and paralyzing her from the waist down. 

Then, thanks to Dr. Steve Young, Amy discovered a lasting treatment for her back problems six months ago: 

in the last six months, my life has taken a dramatic turn for the better. By a weird turn of events. I found a simple movement that provided me with IMMEDIATE relief! In about three weeks, I was fully free of low back pain and sciatica.

Amy met Dr. Steve Young, a back pain expert in Philadelphia. Amy's back problems were treated using alternative methods, according to Dr. Young. She had entirely as and permanently as gotten rid of her back pain in just a few weeks. 

You may learn how Amy got rid of her back pain in Back Pain Breakthrough. She says that you'll never have to listen to your doctors advice again: simply follow her alternative treatment plan and you'll be free of back pain for good.

Why Should You Stop Listening to your Doctor?

To alleviate back pain, doctors usually recommend a combination of exercises, stretches, and physical therapy. If that doesn't work, doctors may prescribe over-the-counter pain relievers, prescription pain relievers, or surgery.

Amy Palmer claims that if you have back discomfort, you should ignore your doctors advice. Rather, she advises that you follow her alternate treatment plan.

Why should you disregard your doctor's advice? 

Here are some of the reasons Amy advises against going to the doctor if you have back pain:

The System Has Been Gamed by 

  • Pharmaceutical Companies: Amy says that doctors are drug firms stooges. Pharmaceutical firms have rigged the system to benefit from your suffering, according to one expert. It's no secret that doctors over-prescribe pain medicine, which is why Amy advises against following your doctor's advice. 
  • Back Pain Boomerang: doctor-recommended remedies may temporarily ease back pain but have the unintended consequence of causing a boomerang effect. Because doctors don't treat the underlying source of back pain, it returns time after time. 
  • Doctors Make Mistakes: Amy claims that when it comes to treating back pain, doctors make severe errors. According to Amy, you're probably committing the number one back pain mistake right now.

How Does Back Pain Work? 

Back discomfort is more intricate than many people know, according to Dr. Steve Young. You can't get rid of back pain with drugs or operations; instead, you need to address the underlying reason.

Dr. Young addressed the following to Amy regarding back pain and the recommended therapies for back pain in Back Pain Breakthrough: 

Back Pain Develops When the Vertebrae Push Against the Spinal Nerve: 

Back pain occurs when the vertebrae push against the spinal nerve, according to Dr. Young. The vertebrae, spinal discs, and spinal nerve make up your spine. If there isn't enough room between your vertebrae (due to heredity, poor exercise habits, or other lifestyle variables), the spinal nerve is pressed against it, causing back pain.

Nerve Impingement Is the Root Cause of Back Pain: 

Nerve impingement occurs when the vertebrae press against the spinal nerve. The discomfort will become worse as the vertebrae exert more force on the spinal nerve. For example, you might experience dull back pain throughout the day and acute back pain at other times. Because the vertebrae press against the spinal nerve with variable degrees of force, this is the case.

Back Pain is Caused by One Tiny Muscle: 

According to Dr. Young, the most common cause of back discomfort is a single little muscle. The iliacus muscle is the muscle that links your spine to your legs. Your iliacus muscle works hard whenever you walk, sit, bend over, or do anything with your back. Back discomfort is more common today than it has ever been due to overstimulation of the iliacus muscle as a result of modern living. 

Dr. Young also informed Amy of another interesting truth concerning back pain: 

sitting puts greater pressure on your spine than standing. Back pain is exacerbated by office chairs.

Modern Habits Make Back Pain Worse: 

According to Dr. Young, modern living habits make back pain worse, not better. Back discomfort can be aggravated by driving a car, using your mobile phone excessively, having a terrible computer setup at work, sleeping in an improper position, being overweight, and exercising without proper technique. 

Dr. Young suggests the targeted spinal release approach to reduce back pain as a result of all of these facts concerning back pain.

How Does Targeted Spinal Release Work? 

Dr. Young states that his targeted spinal release approach is “the quickest and simplest way to instantly cure lower back pain.

The relaxation and straightening of tight iliacus muscles, which moves the vertebrae away from your spinal nerve, is a straightforward 5-minute procedure. 

The targeted spinal release can be done at home by anyone. There is no need for equipment, surgery, painkillers, or other traditional means of pain relief. Furthermore, there is no stress or strain on your body as a result of the process. It's so simple that even someone as elderly as 80 or 90 can do it.

Dr. Young is targeted spinal release therapy is described in Back Pain Breakthrough. Amy, who had been suffering from excruciating back pain for decades, was able to eliminate it in just 30 seconds by following this approach. 

Within 30 seconds, the strain on my spine was released.and the agony started to fade. My lower back felt looser in a minute than it has in years. I felt like I'd had the finest massage of my life by the end of the process, which took less than 5 minutes. That's when it dawned on me: my back was completely pain-free.

Amy was inspired to share her back pain breakthrough with the world after this miraculous operation, which is why she created Back Pain Breakthrough.

What Will Back Pain Breakthrough Teach You? 

Back Pain Breakthrough provides you with step-by-step directions for permanently removing your back pain, no matter how severe it is.

Some of the things you'll learn in Back Pain Breakthrough are as follows:

Dr. Young is focused spinal release approach includes step-by-step instructions and videos for relieving back pain in a few easy stages

Every morning, do one simple stretch to realign your spine and instantly relieve back discomfort.

All of Dr. Young is recommended back pain eradication procedures are demonstrated live.

Simple adjustments to your workplace chair to keep your back in good shape at work Techniques for relieving sciatica, back pain of various forms, and other concerns Back Pain Breakthrough, in other words, claims to have everything you need to realign your spine, release tight muscles, and stay pain-free.

Doctors Have Approved the Back Pain Breakthrough? 

Back Pain Breakthrough was created by Dr. Steve Young. The program is doctor authorized, according to the sales page.

Typically, this indicates that a doctor has examined the program, confirmed its safety and efficacy, and advises that it be used to treat back pain. 

Dr. Steve Young is a physical therapist with a doctorate. He is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, not a medical doctor. Back Pain Breakthrough procedures are approved by Dr. Young, therefore the program appears to be doctor-approved.

What Does Back Pain Breakthrough Include? 

Back Pain Breakthrough teaches you how to permanently eradicate back pain from your body without the use of medicines, surgery, sophisticated exercises, or intrusive procedures. Dr. Young, a back pain specialist, recommends straightforward, step-by-step instructions that you may do at home.

Here is what you get with each Back Pain Breakthrough purchase: 

6-Part Video Masterclass: 

Dr. Steve leads a 6-part video training session at the heart of the curriculum. According to the official website, if you follow the videos, you can be pain-free in 30 days. Dr. Young takes you through each of his back pain treatment options. He instructs you on how to perform each action when to perform it, and how long to hold each movement. There is no guesswork, and all movements may be done at home without any special equipment.

Targeted Spinal Release: The Manual (Bonus Guide #1): 

This document, written by Dr. Steve Young, contains more details on the targeted spinal release procedure and how it works. You'll get step-by-step directions for performing the method, as well as additional back-pain-relieving advice. For example, you'll learn Dr. Youngs bracing method, which you can apply every time you switch positions.

Accelerated Healing Techniques (Bonus Guide #2): 

Other healing tips from Dr. Steve Young are included in this additional eBook, including Dr. Young is closely guarded back pain secrets, how to repair your back pain without pain medication, and the One Inch Fix posture correction technique. Dr. Young also reveals an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory pain remedy that you can brew at home and drink on a regular basis” and the ingredients are most likely already in your pantry.

Breakthrough in Back Pain Pricing 

The cost of a Back Pain Breakthrough is $37.

It's a digital transaction, so as your money is confirmed, you'll have immediate access to the program. You can utilize the videos and PDFs on any platform, including your computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

  • Note: On the final sales page, press the back or escape button to earn an extra $10 off your order. The price has been reduced to $27.

Refund Policy for Back Pain Breakthrough Pain Breakthrough is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Back Pain Breakthrough can be returned for a full refund within 60 days, no questions asked.

If you don't get rid of your back pain permanently after following Dr. Young is treatment regimen, or if you're unhappy with the programs outcomes for any reason, you may get a full refund with no questions asked.

Who Is Responsible for the Back Pain Breakthrough? 

Back Pain Breakthrough was invented by Dr. Steve Young.

Dr. Steve Young is a licensed physician. is his official website where you can discover more about him. 

After seeing his wife battle with back pain in 2006, Dr. Young became emotionally motivated to find a solution. Dr. Young made the decision to transform his life. He used a scientific and holistic approach to cure his wife, and she was eventually symptom-free from ulcerative colitis.

Dr. Steve Young holds a bachelors degree in kinesiology from Penn State University as well as a masters and doctorate in physical therapy from Hahnemann University (now Drexel). 

Amy Palmer appears to be non-existent. Amy Palmer appears to be a fictitious name created to aid in the sale of Back Pain Breakthrough.

Final Thoughts 

Dr. Steve Young, a back pain specialist and physical therapist, developed Back Pain Breakthrough as a back pain management procedure.

You get a series of videos and manuals for $37 that will teach you everything you need to know about reducing back pain. You'll get concrete instructions, step-by-step video guides, and other resources to help you get rid of your back pain for good. 

After minutes of employing the targeted spinal release approach, the average patient feels relief from back pain, and within 30 days of following the regimen, they are totally pain-free.

Back Pain Breakthrough stands behind its claim with a 60-day money-back guarantee. is a great place to learn more about Back Pain Breakthrough and to purchase the program.


  • This guide provides an immediate and effective solution to back pain. 
  • The program will give relief from stress and allow you to live a pain-free life. 
  • It will align your spine and give you a better posture. 
  • The program presents the entrance to a permanent solution. 
  • It abolishes all the pressure from the spine. 
  • This guide is easy-to-follow.


  • You can only access it online. 
  • It is not a physical product.

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