Best Pimento Cheese Sandwich

Best Pimento Cheese Sandwich Recipes
Pimento Cheddar Sandwich recipe
is truly mind-blowing! It’s speedy and simple to put together and tastes astounding with pickles!Cut best Pimento Cheese Sandwich stacked with a toothpick and olive Pimento Cheddar Spread is most usually seen as a hors d’oeuvre, washed onto celery sticks or even on saltines, however in the profound south, it is additionally one of the most famous sandwiches. best Pimento Cheese Sandwich rival the incomparable? you heard me right!

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Custom made Pimento Cheddar Pimento Cheddar Fixings Zesty Pimento Cheddar Sandwich Light Pimento Cheddar Cheeses Sandwich Garnishes More southern works of art: Pimento Cheddar Sandwich I agree to getting messages and customized promotions. Natively constructed Pimento Cheddar Pimento cheddar is a mix of cheddar, pimento peppers, mayo and cream cheddar.

Pimento is only an extravagant word for simmered red peppers, in the event that you’re not comfortable. It began and is still generally famous in the South and some of the time recorded as “pâté du Sud,” or Southern pâté or the caviar of the south.

Assuming you end up tracking down it in the midwest, basically made with Wisconsin cheddar, it very well may be palmetto pimento cheddar Cheeses Sandwich or just palemetto.

Southerners are extremely specific to how their pimento cheddar sandwich is ready and like numerous provincial cheeses there are a few “right ways”. There are likewise numerous great varieties. Furthermore, lots of different things you can make with it.

pimento cheddar spread in the food processor

pimento cheddar spread in the food processor
One thing is without a doubt, it is a thick blend. It is best made in a food processor with a couple of heartbeats (don’t simply allow the machine to run, this is certainly not a smooth blend). You can hand blend it in the blending bowl as well, however the cream cheddar is difficult to mix very smooth.

Pimento Cheddar Fixings

This best Pimento Cheese Sandwich recipe is fundamental, from that point you can redo however you would prefer. Fiery, garlicky, more towards the messy side or even change around the cheddar.

margarine blade spreading pimento cheddar onto entire wheat bread

Cheddar we like to utilize a sharp cheddar for flavor and surface. You can change everything around and utilize a mix of sharp and standard cheddar or even white cheddar. We really do firmly suggest destroying your own right off the block. Pre destroyed cheddar has a light covering of starch to forestall staying which can influence the surface of your plunge.

Cream Cheddar adding more cream cheddar makes a thicker plunge ideal for cheddar balls and barbecued best Pimento Cheese Sandwich, while less makes it simpler to spread on wafers.

Pimento Peppers-What is a pimento? Pimento is only an extravagant word for cooked red peppers. You can broil them yourself or save a few time and get them in a container, most normally tracked down in the Worldwide food path close to Italian food sources or by sandwich sauces and pickles.

Mayonnaise-Southerners commonly have extremely unmistakable inclinations over what brand of mayo to utilize. Duke’s is by all accounts the most favored brand, yet anything that you do, utilize a decent quality brand since it is the foundation of the plunge.
Add-Ins-from here you can redo for some zing. Garlic powder, onion powder, squashed red pepper chips, slashed parsley or chives and salt and pepper are the most well-known.

Hot best Pimento Cheese Sandwich

Hot best Pimento Cheese Sandwich
To make your pimento cheddar spread zesty, add 1-2 teaspoons of cultivated and diced jalapenos. If you would rather not wreck around with slashing peppers, add 1 teaspoon of squashed red pepper pieces.

best Pimento Cheese Sandwich on wheat bread with olives

For best outcomes, permit your spread to sit and the fiery flavors to wed and sink into the cream cheddar and mayonnaise prior to gathering the best Pimento Cheese Sandwich.

Light Pimento Cheddar

It is difficult to make a light variant of the plunge because of the fundamental fixing being cheddar, notwithstanding, you can utilize decreased fat cheddar.

close up of pimento sandwiches
You can likewise substitute light mayo or plain Greek yogurt for full fat mayonnaise and utilize light or diminished fat cream cheddar.


Conventional spread utilizes a sharp cheddar, however you can involve a blend of any somewhat delicate cheddar for your simple Pimento Cheddar Sandwich. Some utilization a medium sharp cheddar with sharp.

pimento cheddar spread on cuts of bread
Others incline toward smoked gouda or white American cheddar. I’ve even utilized pepper jack. Absolutely your call!

Sandwich Garnishes

The most customary of sandwiches is only the spread, that is all there is to it. Yet, you can likewise add pickles, in the event that you’d like. I’ve seen a few people even add potato chips to make it crunchy!

close up of olive got with a toothpick
I utilized extravagant toothpicks and pimento stuffed olives on mine.

pimento cheddar sandwiches for Pinterest

Hot best Pimento Cheese Sandwich
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close up of pimento cheddar sandwich Suggested Suggested Content Southern Salmon Croquettes Understand More Suggested Content Simple Short-term Oats Understand More Suggested Content Lively Farm Rice Understand More pimento cheddar sandwich on wheat bread with olives best Pimento Cheese Sandwich 4.74 from 26 votes A southern work of art, this best Pimento Cheese Sandwich recipe is mind-blowing! It’s fast and simple to put together and tastes astounding with pickles! Planning Time: 10 mins All out Time: 10 mins Servings:4


  • 1 cup sharp cheddar , destroyed
  • 4 ounces cream cheddar , relaxed
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons pimento peppers , depleted and dried, slashed
  • 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon Legitimate salt
  • 8 cuts sandwich bread


Consolidate all fixings in a food processor and heartbeat it a few times until a pale pink and completely joined yet stout.
Refrigerate until prepared to gather.
Similarly partition pimento cheddar spread between 4 cuts of bread and top with extra cut. Here you can add pickles or olives, whenever wanted.

On the off chance that you’ve attempted this recipe, return and pass on us a remark to tell us the way things were!

The best Pimento Cheese Sandwich is a matter of personal preference and can depend on the type of bread, cheese, and other ingredients used. Some popular variations include using white bread or croissants, sharp cheddar or extra sharp cheddar, and adding bacon or jalapenos for added flavor. The key to a great Pimento Cheese Sandwich is to use high-quality ingredients and to adjust the seasonings to suit your taste.
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