10 Best Barefoot Shoes for Work

Best Barefoot Shoes for Work

You do not usually see a lot of people wearing barefoot shoes for work. However, wearing one is considered a trend now and many are seeing the comfort and convenience it gives. Barefoot shoes are not solely for athletic purposes. 

Shoe brands are now adding these comfortable and barely-there pairs to their long line of barefoot running or trail shoes for those whose work require long hours of doing tedious tasks. 

Going around the office and delivering reports for eight hours a day are never easy and wearing uncomfortable or high-heeled shoes surely build up stress and physical pain.

Barefoot shoes for work are here to make you feel at ease and comfortable all the time while you are at the office or doing some field work. 

Having a pair of minimalist shoes for your work prevents you from straining your feet and posture. It can even increase your productivity and efficiency since you are always on the go. 

If you are planning on getting one for yourself, here are the ten best barefoot shoes that are ideal for work.

Vivobarefoot Men’s RA II Classic Casual Oxford

For a sleek and casual look at work, get this pair from Vivobarefoot. This is the best alternative for your heavy, bulky work shoes or for your too formal dress shoes. This shoes is perfect all year round as this model is finally winterproof. Going to work now will be more fashionable and cooler with this pair.

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Vivobarefoot Men’s Gobi Shoe

At work, fashion is all about being comfortable. Strut your way to your office in this stylish pair from Vivobarefoot. Made of premium leather and suede, you know that you will never go wrong with this classic pair. This can be worn casually or even, in formal events. Its simplicity and stylish appearance are what makes this shoes a top choice for work.

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Vivobarefoot Women’s Jazz Shoe

Another best barefoot shoes for work from Vivobarefoot. This is an urban-street inspired shoes is all about combining simplicity, style and comfort. This is the best companion when you are doing lots of walking and standing on your job. This can also be your best option when you are out doing field work.

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Merrell Women’s Barefoot Wonder Glove Wool Flat

If your work does not call for formal, executive wear then you go ahead and buy yourself a shoes that is all about easy, convenience and comfort. This zero-drop barefoot shoes for work allows you to move more naturally. This will greatly improve your posture and flexibility. Its mesh lining with a compression EVA footframe gives you the right dose of support and stability.

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Vivobarefoot Men’s Freud Waxed Canvas Sneaker

Try a bolder and cooler-looking sneakers in going to work. Apart from its simple yet modern look, its natural materials and proprioceptive sole permits you to walk and move naturally with enough support and grip. The most notable feature of this shoes is its Dri-Lex performance lining which absorbs moisture and prevents odor.

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Merrell Men’s Barefoot Reach Glove

Work will much easier and more convenient now with your new pair of Merrell’s Barefoot Reach Glove. This barefoot shoes for work is made of full grain leather, this pair gives you a barely-there feeling while still providing you with enough stability and support. Its ultra thin, 1mm, forefoot shock plate prevents you from any injuries.

Buy Now: Merrell Men’s Barefoot Reach Glove

Terra Plana Women’s Juniper Pump

For many women, wearing heels is a must in going to work, however, the pain it causes is way beyond your comfort. If you are the type who never goes to work without wearing your heels and constantly complains about it then this pair is a must have for you. This pump surely knows how to combine comfort and attitude. Its soft leather upper adds durability and its stacked heels provides stability. You can never say no to this pair.

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Merrell Women’s Barefoot Life Zest Flat

This is the type of shoes that you feel next to nothing. If your work demands you to be always on the go, then you need to have this pair. This does not only offer you comfort and convenience while doing your job, it also allows you to be stylish at the same. A good and comfortable pair of shoes increases your productivity at work. This is made of leather so you know that this will surely outlast your other pairs.

Buy Now: Merrell Women’s Barefoot Life Zest Flat

Lems Shoes Men’s Nine2Five Dress Shoe

Who says wearing dress shoes at work will limit you in doing a thousand tasks? This dress shoe is perfect for offices that call for a formal setting yet give you a load of work to do. This pair is made of leather while its sole is LemsRubber which is 50% lighter and more flexible than the conventional rubber.
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Lems Shoes Men’s Primal 2

Another great pair from Lems that you can use at work. This is the best barefoot shoes for work when you are required to do a lot of errands, walking and standing. This ultra comfortable pair has a microfiber and open weave mesh upper that provides comfort and ease. Its removable lining is designed with a MoistureWick that absorbs moisture and prevents unpleasant odor.

Buy Now: Lems Shoes Men’s Primal 2

You do not have to sacrifice comfort in going to work. With these 10 best barefoot shoes for work, you will never have to worry about comfort and convenience anymore. These shoes are all designed to give you an easier time and comfortable way in doing your daily work tasks. 

Remember, that you always have a better option in dressing up for work. You do not have to limit your shoes to those formal, heavy and bulky pairs because these shoes in this list is all about comfort, ease and style without compromising your posture.
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