Matrix Treadmill Review

Matrix Treadmill Review
Matrix Treadmill Review score: 99/100. When it comes to working out, it is crucial to find perfect machines for the practice; otherwise you might spend your money on useless junk, or even get hurt. Because of that when it comes to running and walking it is important to find the right treadmill. There aren’t lot of Matrix Treadmill reviews, so I present to you one of the best treadmills on the 10 best treadmills list.

When we are talking about the Matrix T7xe, I have to say that it is the high quality treadmill, manufactured by a UK based company, the company that produces the high quality fitness equipment, and takes time to pay attention to the details on every and each machine. This treadmill has almost everything you need, and you will see it in this review.


Matrix made this treadmill with high standards and with ultimate deck system. It excellent impact absorption system, and it will provide you over 25,000 miles of maintenance free performance. If you are worried for your health because you are starting to exercise on a treadmill, you should know that this device has the cushioning system designed to help reduce the impact on the knees and lower back.

Matrix T3x console is one of the best things on this treadmills. It will show you important information about your exercises and training session in general. All this is shown in large and easy to read numbers. You can see how long your session lasts, distance, calories, speed, pace, heart rate, incline and watts. You can quickly navigate through the controls, even when you are running at highest speed. So, when you want to set the cardio session, for instance, you can do it without fuss.

It has quick start button for a one touch start, time adjustment, emergency stop, which will stop all functions and immobilize the treadmill. Stop button will end workout and show you summary data. There are also pause and cool down button. No matter what you want to do, it can be easily done, without fuss, and you won’t have to have non planed time outs in your workout sessions.

There is also a way to monitor your heart rate with this treadmill, and it is super easy. You just have to place your hands on the grip pulse handlebars and hold it for about 15 seconds and you will see your heart rate appearing on the main display. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to monitor your heart rate all the time, you can even check it once you start and once you finished, or for example every five minutes.

If you need to know your heart rate all the time, maybe it is better to use a wireless heart receiver, it will measure your heart rate maybe even better, but sadly, it isn’t included with the Matrix T3x. As for the measuring from time to time goes, pulse handlebars will do a good job too, trust me.

If you didn’t know, Matrix T3x treadmill comes with a USB port and it is mainly there for two reasons. You can update the console firmware through the USB port. How can you do that? It is very simple. Just copy updated software to a USB drive and plug it in the drive into the USB slot on the treadmill’s console. You just have to wait until you hear two beeps and that means upgrade is complete.

The second reason the USB port is good is because you can record workout statistics with it. You only need to plug in a USB drive before summary of your workout disappears. That is about 10 seconds after finishing your workout. The console will again beep twice and it will display that your workout statistic is save, and then you can safely remove the USB.

Plug USB into your computer and then go to the equipment where you can upload and see your workout statistics. You can do that every time you exercise, and then compare gathered data, trying to be better each and every time.

This is not easy product, it weighs about 140kg and it is mainly because of the weight of the running belt. If you want to move it around it is best to find a second person who will help you move it around the room. Besides that, Matrix T3x is very easy to assemble and you need to follow only the six steps in the supplied instruction manual. It will come all detailed and explained in drawings, step by step, with points how to complete each step separately. Just so you know, there can be lot of pins and screws, but try not to get confused, you will understand it at the end. It has seven years motor warranty, which is good price, concerning the quality you will get.

Pros and Cons

So, to summarize this product, I will tell you its pros and cons, and you can decide on that.

It has very clear and easy to read LCD console, with easy to use buttons, nicely placed so you can use it even in the fastest run. It has great options and Ultimate Deck System for superior performance and durability, and also seven year motor warranty. It will record your all workout statistic, and you can even plug USB onto it. This treadmill will monitor your heart rate, but the only con is the fact that it doesn’t have wireless heart rate monitor. It is little bit confusing when you assemble it, but you can do it by yourself.

Buy Now: Matrix Treadmill Review

Company which made this treadmill is one of the leading companies in the world, so decision whether to buy this device or not this isn’t really a thinker, and if your read all Matrix Treadmill Reviews you will see it is ranked as one of the best treadmills in the world. So, don’t hesitate too much, buy it and start living healthy as soon as possible.
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