Sole F60 Treadmill Review

Sole F60 Treadmill Review
Having a treadmill in your house, doesn’t mean you are filthy rich anymore. But, having a treadmill with excellent features and good price is hard to find these days. In this Sole F60 treadmill review you fill find out how this treadmill has it all: durability, decent price and great features.

Sole F60 Treadmill Review

Sole is well known because of its treadmills. And this one is a proof that they make only good ones. This treadmill is one of the best and inexpensive folding treadmills on the market today. So if you are about to brake budget boundaries and you want a quality treadmill, choose the F60 model.

If you know anything about treadmills, then you would normally dismiss the treadmill, but I don’t want you to do that with this model. Maybe it is suspiciously cheap, but it has excellent features. This folding treadmill has 20″x60″ running surface and a motor of 2.75 CHP. Meant for people who weigh less than 275 pounds, on this model you can have decent workouts whenever you need them.


Starting with compact design, the sole’s folding features will save you much needed space. Maybe a bit sturdy, but it will still save the space in a small bedroom or living room. And that is, you have to admit, a pretty good feature. With high quality motor, this is maybe the best thing in this Sole F60 feature. 

The motor is durable and it has 2.75 CH, but you can easy compare it with other 3.0P motors. It can be cooled down by heavy-duty flywheels and it is very quiet. You will get lifetime warranty for residential use.

The track has 60″x20″ running space, which is more than enough for almost every runner, especially if you use incline. There is also a CushionFlex technology which will enable you to reduce joint impact by to 40% when you compare it with road running. So it is safer to run on this treadmill than on roads. This feature will satisfy most of the sensitive runners.

This model is equipped with hand pulse grips, which may be very useful in your training. However, it does not include chest straps. This could be a big problem, because it can affect on quality of your workout. If you track your heart rate, you will be able to control your training and know when it’s best to reduce your pace. Unfortunately, this can be almost impossible without wireless chest straps.

Unlike other models, this one has ten preset programs. Whether you want to lose weight or just have exhausting workout you will find the right program for you. It also has two cooling fans, which will provide you better training and help you endure. 

Controls for speed and incline are placed on the armrests, which is very convenient because you won’t have to look for them while exercising. They are at your fingertips. Bad thing, though, is the fact that this model doesn’t have mp3 player port or audio speakers, so you won’t be able to listen to your favorite tracks while running.

Sole models are well known for its great warranty conditions. You will get a lifetime warranty for frame and motor, so you don’t have to worry about durability. You’ll also get a three-year warranty on electronics and parts, and one year for labor. When compared to other treadmills this model has great warranty conditions for its price.

This treadmill doesn’t have heart rate control programs. This may create difficulties in your training process, because these programs allow you to see your heart rate. That is important because if your heart rate is too high the workout can be counterproductive. On the other hand, if your heart rate is too low, your exercise is not good enough to get any substantial health benefits.

Pros and Cons

So, here is the summary of what you can expect from this model:

It has compact design, which will save your space in small rooms. And we all know how lack of space can be irritating. Even if it is foldable, this device is very sturdy. Its high-quality motor of 2.75 CHP can be easily compared with 3.0 HP of other brand’s motors. It is equipped with heart rate monitors, but as we said this model does not contain wireless chest straps.

More programs than most of other treadmills will allow you to have a variety of training. Also, some extras, such as cooling fans, incline and speed controls that are conveniently placed on handgrips, so you won’t have to look for them in the middle of workout. 

Maybe the best thing on this model and all other Sole’s models is the warranty. With this model you will get a lifetime warranty, and you can’t get better than that.

However, I didn’t like some things about this model. One of the most negative things is that this treadmill has no heart rate control. This may cause difficulties for your training. Also, some customers had made complains about small display. Its dimension is 5.5”, which may be too small for some people.

In conclusion, this model is very sturdy and durable, and it may last long time, for any of the purposes. When we compare the price and the quality, it becomes obvious that you won’t find better treadmill on the market today. 

Of course, it has some negative sides, but they are annulled with numerous of positive things, that this treadmill offers. There are probably better models on the market, but when you compare the price and quality, this one reaches the top.

If you are looking for a cheap, but quality treadmill, this may be a perfect model for you. You probably already got that from this Sole F60 treadmill review. Hundreds of satisfied customers are the guarantee for the quality and durability of the Sole f60
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