Keto Cheesecake Recipe (Low Carb Sugar-Free Cheesecake)

Keto Cheesecake

The finest low-carb and keto cheesecake, hands down. Even my non-keto relatives agreed, saying, “This is the best cheesecake I have ever had!”

Between this Keto cheesecake and a “normal” cheesecake, there isn’t much of a difference. To make it sugar-free and gluten-free, we only need to swap out the sweetener and the crust. The goal was accomplished!

I really wanted to create a rich, creamy keto cheesecake without having to use a water bath or any unusual ingredients.

20 minutes to prepare50 minutes to cook time to set: 8 hours1 hour and 10 minutes overall Dinner: Dessert Food: American Keywords: recipe for keto cheesecake, low carb cheesecake Servings: 12; 600 calories Written by Jennifer Benz


Springform Pan, 10 in.


  • Almond flour, 1 1/2 cups, for the crust
  • 1/4 cup of sweetener in powder
  • Cinnamon, one teaspoon
  • 6 tablespoons of melted butter

For the filling

Packages 6 8 ounces of room temperature full-fat cream cheese
2 cups of sweetener in powder
temperature 5 large eggs
8 ounces of room temperature sour cream
One teaspoon of vanilla extract


  • Heat the oven to 325F. Place the oven’s centre rack there. In a larger bowl, mix the dry ingredients for the crust. Add butter and stir. Use your fingers to press the crust mixture halfway up the edges of a 10 inch by 4 inch springform pan. Press the mixture into the bottom of a cup with a flat bottom. The crust should be chilled for 20 minutes.
  • Use a hand mixer to beat the room-temperature cream cheese in a sizable mixing basin until it becomes light and fluffy. Use the paddle attachment if you are using a stand mixer.
  • Utilising a hand mixer, gradually incorporate the sweetener (approximately 1/3) into the mixture.
  • One at a time, add the eggs at room temperature and beat until fully combined.
  • Incorporate shortly before adding the vanilla and room temperature sour cream.
  • After evening the top, pour the cheesecake filling into the crust. In a preheated oven, bake. After 50 minutes, check. The centre should remain jiggly while the top should no longer be glossy.
  • Open the oven door after turning it off. Wait 30 minutes before removing the cheesecake from the oven. As soon as the cheesecake is taken out of the oven, run a sharp paring knife between it and the pan to prevent sticking. Keep the springform in place. Give it an hour to sit on the counter.
  • Refrigerate for no less than eight hours after loosely covering with plastic wrap.
  • Serve after decorating the top and removing the springform pan sides. 12 slices are made.


  • NUT FREE VERSION: Sunflower seed flour can be substituted for almond flour if you are intolerant to them.
  • PAN SIZE: A sizable springform pan is needed for this keto cheesecake recipe. In the recipe carb above, I’ve included a link to one. You will have extra filling if you use one that is too small.
  • CRUSTLESS LOW CARB CHEESECAKE: Line the interior of the springform pan with parchment paper to make this cheesecake without a crust. You can also extremely well butter the bottom and sides. then carry on with the cheesecake in the usual manner.
  • Simply swap the sour cream with pumpkin puree and add 1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice to make a keto pumpkin cheesecake.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: When creating cheesecake, the most crucial thing to remember is that all of the ingredients must be at room temperature. Anything that needs to be kept chilled needs to be left out for at least two hours and preferably four. Thus, eggs, sour cream, and cream cheese are required. The procedure of getting the components to room temperature will go more quickly if you put your eggs in warm water and unwrap and cut your cream cheese.
  • This is a big keto cheesecake, but the good news is that it stores really well! You can freeze the entire cake, individual slices, or even just half of it!
  • An excellent resource for freezing a whole cheesecake
  • Simply cut the cheesecake into slices and arrange each slice on a separate piece of plastic wrap to freeze. They can be kept in the freezer for up to two weeks if they are well wrapped and put in a bowl or freezer bag. More than two weeks will result in a quality decline.


One slice has 600 calories, 7 grams of carbohydrates, 14 grams of protein, 54 grams of fat, 31 grams of saturated fat, and 2 grams of fiber per serving.

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