This easy iced mocha recipe is a great Starbucks copycat!

If you’re looking for a Starbucks iced mocha recipe to try out this summer, then let this one be it! Not only is it a healthier version of an iced mocha, but it actually tastes fantastic!!

As the warm summer weather is finally arriving, I have been spending more money than ever at Starbucks on their iced caffeinated beverages. 

I recently remembered this post that I had on my old blog with an amazing quick and easy iced mocha recipe and I can’t believe I had forgotten about it in the first place, so I decided to repost it here for you to try out! 

I spend quite a bit of my paycheck at the various coffee chains around my house, so this is not only comparable to their flavors, it’s going to save a lot of money! #themoreyouknow?

An iced coffee mocha is a very refreshing drink that will satisfy any sweet tooth craving! Thisi is a delicious, cold mocha recipe that you can make on your own at home. This is the perfect drink to enjoy in hot summer weather!

For a refreshing summer drink make an iced mocha at home. An iced mocha is a very refreshing drink that will satisfy any sweet tooth craving! This delicious, iced coffee mocha recipe that you can make on your own at home is the perfect drink to enjoy in hot summer weather!

What is an iced mocha?

An iced mocha is a drink that often consists of coffee or espresso, ice cubes, and milk. The drink can also be made with chocolate or cocoa powder syrup for the chocolate flavor. Hot mochas are often topped with whipped cream, and while that’s not always the case for the iced version, if you love whipped cream, then have at it!

What are the best ingredients for making your own iced mochas at home?

When creating your homemade iced mocha, there are some different options in terms of ingredients to use. Traditionally, an iced mocha recipe includes milk, chocolate syrup or cocoa powder, crushed ice or ice cubes, and coffee/espresso.

In today’s iced chocolate mocha recipe, we’re going for a bit of a healthier spin on things though, which will still taste absolutely delicious, but without some of the extra sugar.

Is an iced mocha the same thing as a latte?

Nope, an iced mocha is a different drink than a latte.

A latte is an espresso drink that contains steamed milk, while iced mochas are made with chocolate syrup or cocoa powder to give them their chocolatey flavor.

How to store homemade iced coffee for later?

One way to store your cold coffee drink is to freeze the coffee in ice cubes. This can be done ahead of time and then stored in the freezer. When you want iced coffee simply use a few frozen espresso cubes or blend it with milk over ice. Pour the blended mixture into a tall glass and stir in some chocolate syrup, if desired. Top with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. 

iced mocha in a glass with a chocolate cookie next to it

You could also cover the iced coffee with plastic wrap or a lid and keep it in the refrigerator if you won’t be drinking all of it at the time you make it. This way, your mocha will stay fresh much longer than if left on the counter to become room temperature.

If you are working from home and want to have your iced drink last all day, keep your cold drink in an insulated container with a tight-fitting lid.

What to snack on with your iced mocha?

For a tasty side dish or snack to go along with your caffeinated drink, consider serving one of the following:

Cookies – This is a very popular treat to have alongside your iced mocha. Chocolate chip cookies are a personal favourite of mine, but of course you can choose whichever cookies you like!

Brownies – Brownies are a great snack to have with your afternoon coffee! If you decide to make some of your own brownies, you can use any type of chocolate you would like in order to get the desired taste! For example, milk chocolate and dark chocolate may be used.

Cake – Cakes of course are a huge favorite when it comes to a sweet treat with friends. Enjoy a slice of cake, either homemade or store-bought, so have with this vegan iced mocha recipe.

Muffins – Muffins are such an amazing side to have with your iced coffee. The best part, is they’re acceptable as a breakfast food (most of the time), so you could easily have this with your morning coffee for a special treat!

What are the health benefits of drinking coffee in moderation?

The health benefits of drinking coffee in moderation demonstrate that coffee might not be as harmful as it is sometimes made out to be.

Coffee may actually provide several benefits for health, including antioxidants, reduced dementia risk.

Lack of consistency in the research may be due to the fact that there are different types of coffee drinks being consumed. Hot espresso beverages could have fewer benefits than iced espresso or even those that are decaffeinated.

What is in an iced mocha?

A mocha iced coffee recipe usually contains the following ingredients: ice cubes, chocolate syrup (or cocoa powder), milk and espresso. In some cases, whipped cream is also added to the drink.

How to make an iced mocha at home?

Toss all ingredients into the blender, blend until mixed

ingredients for iced mocha
sweetener for iced mocha
measured ingredients for iced mocha
liquid ingredients
pouring coffee into blender

Add some coconut ice cubes for extra chill and creaminess.

iced mocha in a glass from above with a chocolate cookie next to it

That’s it! Told ya it was easy! 🙂

How much caffeine is in a serving of iced coffee?

The amount of caffeine that you consume depends on how much espresso is used, as well as the type of chocolate syrup used. If you’re buying from a coffee shop, be sure to check out the nutritional facts about what you’re ordering if you want to know ahead of time!

What is a “double” in an iced mocha? 

A double refers to using two shots of espresso in one drink.

Some restaurants or coffee shops will have the option of up to four shots in one drink. Not all places offer this large size, though, so check with your local coffee joint before ordering a quadruple iced mocha if you’re looking for more caffeine!

What is the difference between an iced latte and an iced mocha?

An iced latte is a combination of espresso and steamed milk, with no added syrup or chocolate.

However, even though an iced mocha contains the same ingredients as an iced latte, it also has chocolate syrup (or cocoa powder) added to it. It can also be topped off with some rich whipped cream!

If you live in a hot climate, an iced mocha is the perfect drink to cool down with.

I hope you really enjoyed this iced coffee mocha Starbucks copycat recipe! Let us know if you have any other coffee recipes you’d like to see on the blog!