9 ways to use social media to stay healthy

Use Of Social Media Platforms to Stay Fit
Social Media is one of the most powerful tools in today’s world. Social Media not only helps you to stay connected with your friend worldwide but having a lot of benefits rather than it. Most people in our society think that social media platforms are just for chats, calling, and sharing the news but nowadays social media is one of the most effective tools which not only helps you to connect to the world but also allows you to share your work, pictures, ideas, and information worldwide with peoples. As technology gets advanced there are dozens of social media platforms are discovered as time passes. If you have a social media addiction then it could be a good thing for you. 

Most people are unaware of how to get benefits from social media platforms in day-to-day life. It totally depends on you that how you are using social media platforms. In today’s world, fitness and health are one of the most important things. Everyone does not get enough time to go to the gym and do exercise. But don’t worry there are dozens of fitness apps available on the Google play store which help you to stay fit and healthy. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone having dozens of Social Media Apps. You can choose your favorite topics and start to follow for the latest tips and updates. Here I am trying to list your top favorite Social Media Platform that will help you stay fit and Healthy.

Social Media Platform to get Healthy and Fit

1.  Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms which allows users to register for free. Once you get registered it allows users to create profiles, video uploading, sharing and also helps to keep in touch with friends. Facebook allows you to search dozens of groups, communities, and pages related to your topics. eg. Fitness, health, etc. So need to join everyone selects the best ones for you and try to receive the latest health and fitness updates. You can also share your own ideas and information about health and fitness in the community which you have joined. You can also chat online for your latest queries in your group chat. One of the best features of Facebook is that it allows group members who have common interests to interact with each other.

2. Google-plus

Google Plus is also one of the most popular and highly rich features of the social media platform from the Google Social Networking project. You can sign up for Google plus account using your Gmail account. Google plus allows you to create your google plus profile page. Google plus allows you to search dozens of communications in your interest niche. There are thousands of Health and fitness communities found on Google Plus. So join which one is best and most informative for you. You can share information, and photos post in your join communities if you want to share. You can set alerts for your topic niche by creating alerts in Google. By using Google Hangouts you can live chat with the individuals in your circles. So let's ready to stay fit and healthy by joining Google plus.

3.  Twitter

We all know about Twitter. Twitter is one of the most popular free social networking platforms that allow joining members to publish short posts called tweets. You can share useful information using Tweets. Try to make list on Twitter by giving health and fitness-related titles. Try to add your favorite fitness and health magazines.

4.  Pinterest

Pinterest is the most popular image-sharing website found on the web. Pinterest allows users to join for free by registering. Register users can create pins according to interest. By creating a pin you can put your own image or publish it from the website by putting a brief description about the images. You can search related pins according to your interests. So discover pins and like the one you favor.

5. YouTube

YouTube is also one of the most useful social media platforms. Youtube allows users to search latest online videos in the user interest niche. You can search for the latest health and fitness tips advice, tips, etc on youtube. To find the best one which will well describe and be informative for you.

6.  Instagram

Instagram is a social networking site that allows users to take pictures, and videos and shares them publicly or privately using the Instagram app. Instagram allows a number of Photogenic filters to apply to images.

7.  Quora

Quora is one of the most popular questions and answers websites. It allows users to register for free just by putting email addresses. Registering Quora allows users to ask, answer, and edit questions. You can ask questions about your interest in the topic.

8.  Yahoo Question and Answer

Yahoo Question and Answer is another Q & A site launched on 28 Jun 2005 by Yahoo. Like Quora Yahoo also allows users to ask, edit, and answers question according to their topic or interest niche. So choose your best Question and Get answered which one best describes your query.

Ways to remember while Using Social Media Platforms to get Healthy and Fit

  • Interact with Commenting
  • Choose the best Podcast to listen
  • Focus on Instagram
  • Make your Twitter List
  • Try to join the mailing list of your favorite Topics
  • Try to Set a Calendar list

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