Relaxation techniques: 10 Steps to reduce stress

Relaxation techniques

What is Stress?? There are different definitions for stress according to different views and thinking how they describe stress. We will try to explain in a simple and short way. Stress is nothing but the situation or physical response in which you found yourself feeling under pressure, change in the way to respond to things or work around you, or being forced to do your best can be caused by both good and bad experiences. 

There are two causes of stress i.e. Physical Danger and Emotional things happening around you. In Physical Danger stressful situations, our body releases chemicals in our blood that may give us more strength and energy to do physical things around us while in emotional cause stress situations you feel a lack of energy and strength.

Relaxation techniques

Stress will be good but when it becomes overwhelming may cause serious health and mental problem. Most individuals are unable to deal with stress but there are several stress natural release techniques that will help you to stay away from stress or help release stress at home or work. Stress management is one of the best ways to deal with stress overwhelming. 

Stress management is simply making some changes in your daily lifestyle, controlling your emotions, changing in thoughts, and the way to deal with problems rising around you. So be relaxed and positive. Here we are trying to list the 08 healthy stress relief techniques to keep you stress-free or help in releasing stress.

1) Meditation

Meditation-Stress release technique
Meditation is one of the best and simple stress relief ways to release stress and also improve health. The study also shows that practicing meditation per day for nearly 10 minutes may help in dealing with anxiety (Decreasing anxiety), controlling emotions (stress), and improving cardiovascular health. The study also shows that practicing meditation daily will also help in altering the brain’s neural paths which helps in handling stress. This relaxation technique consists of a simple method. 1) Sit on your meditation mat 2) Close your eyes 3) Try repetitions of the word, phrase, or your favorite sentence like “I love myself” 4) Try this for 10-20 minutes. Note- Try to do this in a calm place free from any distractions.

2) Try to listen to Music

listen-Music-stress control ways
Feeling stressed at the end of the day due to extra office work or feeling emotional. Want to know an easy stress relief way to feel relaxed and stressed free. Listening to music is one of the best ways to release stress to feel relaxed. Try to drive some time from your busy schedule and try to listen to your favorite music or calm music. Study shows that listening to music not only helps to burst stress but also has several health benefits such as a positive impact on the brain, helps in lowering blood pressure, and helps in reducing stress-linked hormones like cortisol. So try to listen to music in your busy schedule to stay stress-free.

3) Exercise

Exercise-stress release techniques
Exercise is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. Exercise comes to the top when we discuss stress relief busters. Exercise helps in the production of hormones responsible for feeling good and energetic. Exercise helps in proper sleeping, lowers depression, and keeps you energetic and more focused on goals. By reading word exercise the common pictures arise in front many readers as weightlifting, gym, training, etc but it's not necessary to try a short walk or stretch your body when you feel stressed this method helps to get some relief from stress.

4) Sleep Better
Sleep Better- stress relief techniques

Losing Sleep is one of the common symptoms that show you have stuck in stress. Having stress may cause you to lose your sleep. Insufficient sleep cause improper functioning brain and body. Try to take a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep which is recommended by a doctor. If you take proper sleep your mind and body work properly keeping you stress-free. There are several health problems arising due to insufficient sleep i.e. higher risk of chronic health issues like hypertension, heart attack, and stroke.

5) Focus on what you eat

Fruit and Vegetables- diet for stress release

Diet plays a vital role in keeping you fit and healthy. Most individuals think that diet is related to stress. Stress and Diet are directly related to each other. When you are under stress not able to concentrate on your diet leads to improper functioning of the body, hormonal changes, etc. Try to avoid taking fatty snack foods. Fruits and Vegetables are one of the most recommended healthy diet not only helps you to stay fit and healthy but also keep you stress-free. Study shows that fish like tuna and salmon rich in omega-3 fatty acids helps to the reduction of stress symptoms. So eat healthily and stay stress-free.

6) Try to away from Smoking and Drinkingsmoking and Drinking

Drinking and smoking are one of the most common habits now a day among individuals. Most individuals try smoking and drinking (alcohol) when they feel stressed, yes it's true it may help in being released from stress but it is for a short moment. Study shows that unhealthy habits like drinking, taking drugs, and smoking leads to up your stress. These habits may lead to an increase in negative stress impacts. Smoking and Drinking alcohol not only leads to an increase in negative stress but may also cause serious health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lung cancer, etc. So try to stay away from smoking and drinking to stay fit and stress-free.

7) Think Positive

Think Positive-stress relief waysNegative thinking directly links to your stress. Most individuals have a common habit of negative thinking. Eg. Suppose you working and done a serious mistake during the day and then thinking

continuously about the mistake you have done then instead of thinking mistake try to motivate yourself positively which helps you to overcome that mistake easily, trying to motivate yourself may be helpful in releasing stress. Try to divert your mind from that topic by listening to music or talking with your close friend with you can discuss the topic. So think positive and say goodbye to stress.

8) Do Yoga

Yoga, stress-release

Yoga is a Spiritual, discipline,d and natural way to release stress. Try to make some changes in your daily lifestyle by giving yourself some time to practice yoga. There are several yoga poses (easy pose, cat pose, cow pose, child’s pose, etc) that will help you release stress. Yoga not only helps to release stress but there are several health benefits of doing Yoga Yoga helps in losing weight, stronger the bone, maintaining the PH of the body, lowering the risk of heart disease, and strengthening the muscles. There are several Yoga Apps for iPad and iPhone that will help you to become a master in Yoga. So do Yoga to stay fit and stress-free.

Unhealthy habits that cause major Stress

  • Smoking
  • Bad eating habits
  • Too much thinking
  • Too much drinking
  • Being so much emotional
  • Consumption of too much Caffeine

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