HCG DIET: The Easy Weight Loss Way Or Your Path To An Unhealthy Body?

HCG Diet

Weight loss has dieting as its important partner. Nowadays, you’ll find more than 100 million contents about different plans. Each diet plan has its own features that attract countless people with the same fitness goal. One of the famous diet plans is the HCG Diet program.

Introducing HCG Diet

The HCG Diet program entered the world of health and fitness as one of the most controversial diets plans ever imagined by people. While many people trust traditional plans, experts acknowledged the fact that a plan doesn’t necessarily need to be traditional just to show effects. It can divert from the conventional weight loss rule. Nevertheless, there’s an unspoken rule about being extra cautious if a component is going to be injected into your body like HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin, which can be obtained from pregnant women’s urine.

According to statistics, approximately two-thirds of the adult population suffer are obese or overweight in the United States alone. This reason alone moves a lot of individuals to look for weight loss solutions that ensure results, which countless experts try to meet.

Nevertheless, many dieters become too impatient with the weight loss results and search for an option that brings out results faster than usual, which is the case in HCG Diet. It promises 30 pounds within 30 days.

How it works in your body?

HCG, which is the primary component in this plan is known among experts as a hunger suppressant. Theoretically speaking, the component can also promote fuel generation by burning fat.

The diet plan is designed in various ways. It can be calorie-restrictive, requiring people to cut down to mere 500 calories daily. Aside from calorie levels it also has a set of foods where you can get calories. Calories should be maintained at the level and come from organic sources.

HCG Diet plan will then ask you to take in HCG orally, place the drops under your tongue, or choose the injectible solution. Make sure to follow this procedure for 45 days.

Within these 45 days, your body will start tweaking its metabolic rate and cause weight loss at a daily rate. This is the course of action to complete to attain weight loss fast with the diet plan.

Evidence to back up the claim

Experts won’t let any diet plan pass by without scrutinizing their procedures and requirements. According to professionals, the HCG Diet is plausible theoretically as the hormone is something known in the health world. However, supporting documents or studies that will solidify this weight loss theory are still lacking.

The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology released a research analysis in 1995 concentrating on HCG and its correlation with weight loss. Analysis showed that the component doesn’t have weight loss benefits. More than a decade later, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians presented a position paper, emphasizing that this diet plan won’t get any recommendation from them.

Stephen Barrett, MD, director for Quack Watch.org, stated in the report that HCG injections, as required in HCG Diet, don’t promote weight loss as promised. Clinical trials even showed its ineffectiveness as a weight loss aid together.

According to recent reports, the FDA has not approved any weight loss products containing HCG and HCG Diet plans. Moreover, the authorities are also tracking down companies promoting this hormone as a weight loss agent and incorporating it into their products.

Health risks

Aside from getting negative support from health authorities and experts, professionals have noted quite a number of side effects that you may experience through this diet plan.

First, cutting down your calorie intake a day can cause vitamin deficiencies as well as a lack of minerals. Essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fiber consisting of lesser than 500 calories a day may result in drastically affect daily nutrient requirements and result in malnutrition in the process. Experts cited that the recommended daily calorie intake should be around 1,200 to 1,500 in order to attain the utmost nutrition and energy for daily activities.

The concept of burning fats when calories were consumed completely is plausible. Nonetheless, the metabolic process in your body may also burn muscle mass to generate fuel. Muscle mass is vital to anyone wishing to stay fit since it retains metabolism at a good rate. Once muscle and fats are lost through the process, you’ll then suffer weight gain rebound, gaining back all the fats that you lost while dieting.

Conclusion and important points

It is indeed a dream come true to find a weight loss solution that helps you lose weight at the fastest time possible. However, knowing the serious facts that may cause problems in your body welcomes you to reality. Keep in mind that if weight loss is actually easy to achieve, then it should not be a prevalent problem among individuals across the globe. In fact, you’ll only notice a continuous increase in obese people including younger people as well.

Moreover, you can take note of the health risks that come with the HCG Diet. Remember that authorities have spoken for themselves about the lack of supporting facts about this diet plan. In addition, they also noted potential health risks like malnutrition, which leads to other problems in the body. The fact that they are after companies promoting HCG products should be a wake-up call for everyone who’s planning to try out this solution.

Asking for details from your physician will also be helpful in learning about his or her stand on this diet. Your physician knows your health state above all and can describe what this hormone and the diet plan itself can do for you. Listen to essential points that emphasize the importance of conventional diet plans instead of going the fast way without actual results.

Overall, HCG Diet is probably one of the promising diet plans. With its controversial setup, it called the attention of countless health professionals across the globe. Nevertheless, this infamous diet plan is one of the solutions you should avoid after considering the points laid out by professionals that are supported by studies.

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