Atkins Diet: Get To Know The Diet That Guarantees Weight Loss

Atkins Diet

A good diet plan always accompanies effective weight loss. Searching online gives you countless reviews about Atkins's Diet and how it promotes effective weight loss without complete food deprivation.

An Introduction to Atkins Diet

Diet plans often leave an impression of requiring you to eat bland, all-veggie meals, and control your snacks. These are not the foods you’ll find in this diet plan, making it the most controversial diet plan in the history of health and fitness.

What are the common meals you’ll see in this diet plan? Be surprised as they are rich foods like steaks with sauce, bacon, omelet, cream-based soups, and other thick dressings. 

You’ll even find more food types that you never thought possible to take in by reading the New Diet Revolution and New Atkins for a New You, which are written by Dr. Atkins.

This diet plan offers you a variety of benefits. 

  • First is weight loss by following a low-calorie daily diet plan minus the famous food deprivation or getting hungry. 
  • Second, it lays out the groundwork for total health improvements concentrating on your heart, memory functions, and a lot more.

The premise behind the diet plan

The working concept behind the Atkins Diet is the theory that too many carbohydrates enter a person’s body, which results in being overweight.

The burning process inside the body consumes carbohydrates and fats. However, this process uses carbohydrates first, causing the body to have untouched stored fats instead of burning them as science and health books claim. 

The diet plan cuts down the intake of carbohydrate-rich meals by requiring followers to take more proteins and fats. 

The absence of carbohydrates will divert the burning process to fats and present the weight loss that you’ve been dreaming of.

How do people accept the Atkins Diet?

Countless people left their positive reviews about this diet plan due to its effectiveness. Success stories coming from different individuals made the book about the plan famous among other individuals who want to lose weight. One can simply imagine how it’s possible to lose weight without taking their favorite meals.

In addition to positive weight loss results, the Center for Complementary Medicine, which is a center founded by Atkins in New York, also stated that many individuals chose this plan don’t only to concentrate on weight loss, but also on attaining other health benefits.

Attaining results with the Atkins Diet

This diet plan’s focal point is by lowering carbohydrate intake to a very small percentage. Quite a number of diet plans also work on controlling carbohydrates to tweak the burning process. 

The body will undergo a ketosis state, where it relies on fat as the primary fuel. While in this state, a person will use energy derived from ketones, or the carbon component by-product of fat breakdown. 

Aside from generating fuel, ketosis also causes people to avoid the feeling of being hungry all the time, which prevents overeating. In essence, the body has now shifted to a fat-burning process for energy.

With this shift, your body will consume fats that were just stored in the known problem areas like hips, thighs, arms, belly, and other areas. This ultimately results in weight loss while getting energy from fats.

The Atkins Diet also discussed the process of carbohydrates entering the body and their reaction to chemical components. Carbohydrates consist of sugar, which is absorbed faster n the bloodstream. 

Insulin will then come to the rescue to control sugar levels. It aids in distributing sugar in different organs like muscles and the liver as glycogen. Nevertheless, storage sites are filled up immediately which causes more sugar left unprocessed. 

Moreover, an increased amount of sugar results in lower insulin effects with continuous high carbohydrate intake, which may result in dreaded diabetes.

Experts’ comments on Atkins Diet

Common individuals perceive this plan as effective, especially with the number of people who claim results. 

In the eyes of professionals, however, the diet plan has been the subject of numerous debates. They look at the diet plan and are concerned with its long-term effects on the body.

As an example, Robert H. Eckel, MD stated in an interview that following this diet plan might cause heart issues in the long run. Surely, the diet plan has gone beyond proving its effectiveness in weight loss. 

In contrast, he and other experts are concerned about recommending the plan to individuals who are after weight loss and heart problem prevention. 

He is also worried about specific effects such as bone loss and protein problems among those who suffer from kidney and liver issues.

Gail Frank, Ph.D., the American Dietetic Association’s former spokesperson, stated that the body requires around 150 grams of carbohydrates daily for balanced processes. 

With the Atkins Diet lowering the levels drastically below 150 grams, the body may suffer from disrupted metabolic activities.

Despite the questions, several experts concentrating on their field support Atkins Diet. Gary D. Foster, Ph.D., stated that the plan is for you if you’re after weight loss, HDL cholesterol control, and triglycerides level improvement. 

Nevertheless, the expert is still apprehensive about the plan and recommended further study or testing.

Several points to remember

The Atkins diet is indeed a remarkable solution if you’re after dieting and weight loss. Undoubtedly, one of its important points, which is cutting down on carbohydrates, has been utilized in a lot of diet plans. Hence, it follows a similar foundation in terms of weight loss.

Before following this plan, make sure to check several changes that occurred throughout the years. 

Several years have passed after its initial launch and changes in terms of recommended meals can be noticed. Check them by reading online references to know if you’re following the right diet plan.

Finally, ensure to ask a physician first before following this plan. Remember that your body may have its unique requirements and health status to meet to guarantee results.

The Atkins Diet is indeed a remarkable plan to use as your daily eating habit. Read more about its details to make sure you’ll see results as promised by following its required meals.

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