Five Facts About High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol

To build healthy cells in the body, it is necessary to maintain good cholesterol levels in the blood. However, you should also keep in mind that due to increased levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body, a layer of fat starts to build up in the blood cells, which can hinder the flow of blood. Sometimes high levels of cholesterol can cause blood clotting problems that can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

In addition to this, increasing cholesterol levels can lead to many other serious problems in the body that can later take the form of serious illnesses. To keep your cholesterol levels balanced, you must make changes to your diet and lifestyle so you can maintain a healthy routine. To this end, you should avoid greasy and spicy foods and, if possible, eat more homemade foods.

However, it is also important for you to be aware of the early symptoms of cholesterol so you can avoid further complications.

High cholesterol levels can also be genetic. It can also increase due to an unhealthy daily routine or lifestyle. If you are used to heavy smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating spicy food then you should be careful as it can prove to be a dangerous house for you. 

This can lead to sudden weight gain, shortness of breath, and feeling tired. Therefore, with the help of the right lifestyle and diet, you can reduce your increased cholesterol. Some early symptoms can help you cope with it. Early symptoms of elevated cholesterol levels

1. Leg Numbness

If you often experience numbness in your feet, this may be the cause of high cholesterol levels. This can be a sign of blocked arteries and blood vessels. You may experience pain and tingling in your arms and legs due to a lack of oxygen. So, never ignore pain or tingling in your feet.

2. Yellow Nails

Cholesterol builds up in your arteries and causes them to narrow, and when this level increases, your arteries become completely blocked. The blood circulation in your body is abnormal and the flow is blocked due to the extra cholesterol levels. For these reasons, your nails are yellow in color instead of red. This can cause black lines to appear under the nail. Don’t ignore these early symptoms of high cholesterol.

3. Stroke and Heart attack

People have cases of stroke and heart attack due to high cholesterol levels. This can block the arteries in your heart, which can lead to a heart attack. Blockage of an artery in the brain can lead to a stroke. Many people don’t realize their cholesterol levels are elevated, and then their condition becomes severe with a heart attack or stroke. More common in women.

4. Coronary Heart Disease

Chest pain, nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath, neck, jaw, upper abdomen, or back pain may occur due to elevated cholesterol levels in the body. All of these symptoms can be coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease can occur when cholesterol levels are elevated, which can cause numbness in the extremities.

5. High blood pressure

You may also have problems with high blood pressure due to elevated cholesterol levels. It can also cause eye problems and insomnia. Many people may have to take the same medication for high blood pressure, so check your cholesterol levels regularly. Make sure to check every year or 6 months after aging.

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