The Smoothie Diet 21 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program Recipes Reviews

The Smoothie Diet 21 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program

The Smoothie Diet 21 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program: Smoothies are an excellent way of reducing your general calorie intake, which is essential for people trying to lose weight. 

Smoothies are relatively popular when it comes to weight loss and heartiness. They promote ease of use, and convenience, and feature the utmost of the essential nutrients that the body needs. Besides that, they have a wide range of health benefits, impacting both internal and physical health appreciatively, thereby performing insignificant heartiness changes. One of the most popular types of diets featuring smoothies is the Smoothie Diet and below is its review. 

Lets Get Started! 

What Is The Smoothie Diet? 

The Smoothie Diet 21-Day Program Reviews

The Smoothie Diet 21-Day Program Reviews

Product Name The Smoothie Diet 21-Day Program
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The Smoothie Diet is a 21- Day weight loss program designed to be used as a mess relief. Created by Drew Sgoutas, a health trainer, the each-natural diet plan which involves lots of fresh leafy flora and fruits and features succulent food fashions ensures that you attain your health and heartiness pretensions in a month or so. 

Is the Smoothie Diet Healthy for You?

This diet program is healthy for anyone wh1o wants to lose weight and remain healthy. For starters, it only features a companion with natural constituents. Whatever you are going to use to prepare the drink, it should be natural. 

Secondly, it features high quantities of essential nutrients that your body needs. This includes minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins. You get to eat fresh leafy flora, fruits, and other organic complements with low calories and healthy fats.

Why Does a Smoothie Diet Work? 

Designed by Drew Sgoutas, the Smoothie Diet is supposed to work by easing weight loss and showing results in 21 days. But before you embark on the 21- day plan, you need to jump-start the weight loss process by using the 3- day smoothie detox, a perk program that will help you in flushing poisons and preparing your body.

After the detox, you'll begin the factual 21 days trip which involves taking smoothies every day and using them as mess reserves. The smoothies should replace your two main refections and give a continuing feeling of malnutrition, to ensure you don't experience food jones and hunger stings. 

Besides that, you should ensure that you consume a low-carb and high nutritional mess every day. This should correspond to whole foods to feed for the insufficiency caused by the mess reserves. 

Because this smoothie diet plan consists of fiber and lots of water, it'll end up hydrating your body and easing good digestive health. As a result, your body will end up absorbing further nutrients within a shorter period, unlike ahead. 

The issue of mess relief also makes sure that you avoid high-fat food products that may end up leading to the accumulation of redundant fat. 

How to Use the Smoothie Diet?

After the 3- day detox plan, you should use the Smoothie Diet, constantly for 21 days. This means that for three weeks, you should only consume one solid mess. The two remaining mess times should correspond to this smoothie diet. Still, you can also take healthy snacks.

Who Should Use the Smoothie Diet? 

The health benefits of lush flora and fresh fruits are not debatable. This makes the diet ideal for anyone keen on perfecting their heartiness, especially those who are looking forward to starting their weight loss trip.

Besides that, the program also plays a critical part in furnishing people who are always on the go with essential nutrients. While they can skip refections or be tempted to snare fast foods due to a busy life, the liquid diet comes in handy since it is easy to make and can be consumed while you are on the go. 

Those who are working out can also profit greatly from it. This is because the liquid drink is still an effective source of quality carbs that can be used to power drill sessions. For binge eaters, this is your go-to remedy since it helps you remain quenched for hours on end.

Incipiently, it is also worth noting that this diet plan also has a section for kids. However, they can get significant help by simply trying this digital program, If you have a child who is floundering with their weight or poor nutrition. Principally, the smoothie diet is for everyone!

  1. Note: If you have a beginning health condition, also make sure that you first consult your croaker before using this diet program.

What Can You Eat? 

The smoothie acts as a mess relief for the utmost two refections every day. So, you need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Besides that, your diet should correspond to at least one nutritional mess every day. You should avoid junk food, especially on cheat days. The diet program also recommends the consumption of healthy snacks and refections that are rich in proteins, fiber, and healthy fats.

Health Benefits of The Smoothie Diet 

The fast pace of life, sedentary life, and underpinning medical conditions can beget rapid-fire weight gain in both men and women. While you're still trying to manage your life, food choices, especially quick and easy food are the worst additions that you can consume. All these factors won't only affect your health but also other aspects of your heartiness. 

Taking the smoothie diet isn't just salutary for weight loss, it also caters to your overall heartiness. The main benefits of using this diet plan include

1. Weight Loss 

The Smoothie Diet, especially a green smoothie, can lead to tremendous weight loss. Understand that a green smoothie generally contains high quantities of lush flora and whole fruits. Its effectiveness is enhanced by the lack of fat-adding constituents similar to dairy that adds unwanted fats and calories.

Adding your vegetable and fruit input helps to promote the feeling of malnutrition. This is because similar constituents contain high quantities of fiber. You will, thus, end up feeling quenched for hours. 

Besides that, green smoothies also give an easy and accessible way to make a diet plan. It just takes a couple of twinkles as long as you have the right constituents. You simply have to throw the constituents in the blender and stay for your smoothie. 

The effectiveness of a green smoothie is grounded on the following

Healthy mess relief 

Taking the smoothie diet is ideal for use as a mess relief. The fact that the whole diet involves the addition of factory-grounded proteins and healthy fats means that your body can snappily get all the nutrients in a single serving but with veritably many calories.

The high protein and fiber content in fruits and vegetables make the green smoothie the perfect mess relief. They are the boosters that you can take formerly or doubly a day rather than your usual refections to exfoliate redundant pounds. 


Eating presto and easy foods over time will lead to the accumulation of poisonous waste into the system. As much as the liver is assigned with the junking of poisonous waste, when you are fat, this becomes hamstrung.

But taking the smoothie helps your body to release poisons. As a result, your body will end up feeling generally more and the functions of the liver as well as other organs will reach the optimum position. 

Meanwhile, your body will end up processing foods fluently and utmost of the vital nutrients will end up getting absorbed into the bloodstream. The effect? you'll be more surfeited, have smaller food jones, while your body ends up taking the utmost of the nutrients and barring poisonous waste 

Increased Energy Product 

The detoxification process and consuming lower food during the day can make you feel fatigued fluently. Still, this smoothie diet has high quantities of nutrients. So, while poisonous wastes are being excluded, further nutrients will be absorbed into the body. This will give you the energy boost that your body needs to handle different processes and for you to carry out your day-to-day tasks.

Besides that, the high position of energy in the body will boost the process of metabolism, leading to the burning of further calories. 

Our everyday liabilities are relatively different and that's why chancing an applicable diet plan similar to the smoothie diet is pivotal. It supplies you with the energy that you need and if there are some leavings you can use that to work out, meet musketeers, and trip among other effects. 

2. Bettered Mental Health and Self-Confidence

Weight loss, detoxification, and increased energy can lead to bettered tone- confidence. Well, this is what taking an effective and safe smoothie with minimum side goods will do to your body. But how does this be? 

Still, this might force you to wince down from the public eye since you are conscious of yourself, If you are unhappy with your weight. Still, once you start seeing some positive change with respect to your weight, you'll come happier and further confident in yourself.

3. Advanced Gut Health and Digestion 

This diet is a great option, especially if you have a digestive problem similar to a perverse bowel pattern. It is worth noting that it contains high quantities of fiber that are ideal for the digestive system. Fiber helps to form the bulk of food in the digestive tract and promotes regular bowel movements. The fact it is also pulverized means that it makes it easier for the digestive system to handle.

When it comes to gut health, such a diet contains high quantities of polyphenols and antioxidants that have prebiotic parcels that are good for gut health. With a healthy gut microbiome, your body will end up absorbing and exercising high-quality nutrients. 

4. Supporting Immune Function

Rightly using the smoothie diet plan will lead to a stronger vulnerable system. According to exploration studies, smoothies, particularly green smoothies with high quantities of lush flora contain the vitamins that your vulnerable system needs. 

For case, flora generally contains a high quantum of vitamin C that is responsible for supporting the vulnerable system. In addition to that, it helps to fight infections as well as maintain healthy cellular functions throughout the body. 

5. Adding Bone Strength 

The constituents used to make this diet contain high quantities of vitamins and minerals that help to increase bone strength. The use of lush flora similar to spinach and kale as well as fruits like berries, bananas, and apples helps to supply the body with vitamin K1 and calcium that is demanded to support your bone strength. Overall, this helps to reduce your threat of getting bone fractures, osteoporosis, and reduced bone mineral viscosity.

6. Adding Your Fruit and Vegetable 

Input The base of any smoothie diet is fruit and vegetables. With every serving, you need to at least blend two constituents that contain either fruits, vegetables, or both. Consuming such a healthy combination nearly every day will ensure that you consume the diurnal recommended nutrients. 

7. Lowering Blood Cholesterol 

Consuming Lush flora in applicable quantities helps to supply the body with corrosiveness acid sequestrants. These are composites that help to naturally reduce high situations of blood cholesterol. The composites are effective in precluding the buildup of adipose deposits on the arterial walls, thereby reducing your threat of developing heart complaints.

8. Lowering the Threat of Habitual Conditions 

The smoothie diet is one of the healthiest and safest when it comes to health and heartiness. It contains lush flora which is known to have high situations of antioxidants similar to Vitamin C and beta-carotene. These antioxidants are known to be effective in precluding and reversing oxidative damage that's typically caused by free revolutionaries.

Note that free revolutionaries can naturally do in the body with time. they might also be caused by environmental and life factors. Still, they are dangerous and can beget significant cell damage, performing to habitual conditions similar as arthritis, cancer, and heart complaint.

9. Promoting Natural Beauty 

The antioxidants in the smoothie diet help to bring out the natural beauty in everyone. Fresh veggies and fruits are the nutrient bootstrappers that lead to clearer and glowing skin, lustrous and healthy. hair, and stronger nails. Besides that, antioxidants help to exclude or reduce the symptoms of skin conditions similar to eczema. 

10. Anti-Aging Benefits 

While your skin is getting clearer, your appearance will also change due to the anti-aging benefits of this product. Smoothies generally contain quality nutrients that help to boost the production of collagen. This generally leads to the development of youngish and firmer skin. 

Smoothies save you from the harsh side goods of precious anti-aging poultices. They simply work naturally with the endocannabinoid system to ensure that your body produces high quantities of anti-aging enzymes.

The health benefits of using a smoothie diet are multitudinous. You not only get to notice the benefits physically, but you can also witness them mentally. Still, our bodies are unique. So, while this type of diet might be natural with a good safety profile, some people might still end up passing some side goods. 

Risks of the Smoothie Diet 

While you are bound to exfoliate further bounds, look youngish, and be healthier, you still need to be conservative when using this diet. You must stick within the servings recommendations since utmost people are generally exposed to the pitfalls as a result of overconsumption. 

The potential risks of using such a diet plan include: 

1. High Position of Blood Sugar 

The complements, especially those that contain sweeteners should be used relatively. Else, they can affect in high blood sugar situations which can have mischievous goods on your health. In case, you may end up with tooth decay or indeed diabetes. 

2. Medical Hindrance 

Lush flora contains high quantities of vitamin k that can end up reducing the effectiveness of certain medicines similar to anticoagulants. For people who take blood thinners, vitamin K should be avoided at all costs.

Note in case you are taking coagulants, make sure that you talk to your croaker before using the smoothie diet. 

3. Nutrition Scarcities

The use of vegetables and fruits to produce a liquid diet will supply your body with the essential nutrients you need. Still, this is a confined diet that doesn't have all the nutrients that you need. So, if you use it for further time than intended, also it could affect in nutritive scarcities. 

Note the fact the liquid diet doesn't have all the essential nutrients that the body needs to maintain overall health, your liability of passing low energy situations constantly is high. 

4. Overconsumption

This is one of the retired pitfalls of making smoothies. Utmost people forget to meetly make their portions, especially when adding constituents similar as fruits, thickeners, and sweeteners. Smoothies contain calories and you should be conservative when using them. 

5. Weight Gain 

The fact that this diet makes you fleetly lose weight puts you at threat of losing muscle mass. Besides that, if you go to your regular eating diet without making healthy food choices, also you'll still end up gaining the lost weight. 

Factors of the smoothie diet as What Is in It? 

This isn't just the usual digital weight loss program with introductory fashions, but a comprehensive companion on how you can turn your whole life around, with respect to heartiness, indeed after losing weight. Its main factors feature 

Daily Shopping Lists

This is a comprehensive daily list with information regarding all the constituents that you need to make an effective smoothie form. Besides that, you’ll also get an overview of how to fluently navigate any grocery store. 

The Smoothie Schedule

It's a 5-week program that features a color-coordinated map that breaks down information relating to the everyday smoothie fashions. Besides that, the schedule also highlights when you should be taking your drinks. 

Form Cards 

This program consists of printable form cards with unique tips on how to make a simple but healthy smoothie. The cards have all the important nutritive information, applicable measures, and also instructions relating to styles of medication. 

Healthy Eating Guide 

This section features 3 chapters

  • Chapter 1 preface to healthy eating
  • Chapter 2 Healthy eating basics 
  • Chapter3 Healthy eating tips & the 7 mess plans 

Types of Smoothies 

Piecemeal from the main diet plan, there are three other types of smoothies featured in this diet program 

Gluten-free smoothies this is an e-book program that provides a wide range of gluten-free fashions. This diet is ideal for those people with disinclinations who want to lose weight.

Diabetes-friendly smoothies its diet companion is specifically prepared for diabetics who also want to lose weight. The smoothies help to regulate blood sugar situations and protein. Besides that, the those-book companion has 42 smoothies that can help diabetics manage medical complications that are associated with diabetes.

Smoothies for kiddies also struggle with weight gain and this is substantially due to a sedentary life. This is a child-friendly liquid that ensures your child consumes fruits and veggies that promote heartiness. 

The Smoothie Diet 21- Day Program 

It's a 3-week program designed to help you get your weight loss pretensions in the right place. In case you want to lose 5lbs., 10 lbs. or indeed 40lbs., this program will simply get you on the right track within many days.

It's quite flexible and the fact that you can take breaks and still come back to it makes it suitable for long-lasting use. The dramatic weight loss process can also and can lead to multitudinous other benefits similar as clearer skin, further energy product, stabilized blood sugar, bettered thinking, and better sleep among others. 

During this period, the diet will reduce gratuitous food jones, especially junk foods and sweets. This is the most important way of keeping your weight off. The diet plan also recommends that you stick to a healthy diet indeed after the completion of the 21 days to ensure that you keep redundant weight out. 

A Daily Journal

This is a review journal that's designed to help you have entries regarding your weight loss and heartiness progress. The Daily Journal was created by Drew Sgoutas, the Smoothie Diet program director that helps you to put down your moods daily. You also need to fill in the information relating to what you have eaten, your calorie input, and exercises. 

Workout Program

The diet comes with-planned drill information designed for individualities with all situations of drill stages i.e., Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced exercises. The creator of this diet understands that exercises are an important corridor of any healthy life. They come in different durations including 5- nanosecond, 10- nanosecond, and 20- nanosecond exercises.

Smoothie Diet Bonuses 

To ensure that you successfully lose weight and reach your heartiness pretensions, this 21- day program comes with two Bonuses 

1. Three Day Smoothie Detox 

It consists of a 3- day green smoothie detox plan aimed at promoting the detoxification process and easing the release of poisonous waste from the body. This is critical for your weight-loss trip. The detox plan highlights the three products you need to jump-start your weight-loss trip in 3 days. So, there are

  • Three special and unique detox smoothie plans 
  • A shopping lists 
  • Two form options 

2. Quick Start Guide

This is simply a docked overview of the main factors of this digital program. The quick launch companion features the 21- day schedule as well, a succulent mess plan, smoothie fashions, and a mess medication companion. 

How to Make Smoothies for Weight Loss Making a smoothie diet is a straightforward process. But you have to understand that a smoothie isn't just an amalgamated fruit. So, the art of making it's relatively different and you have to ensure that all the constituents are impeccably blended. The smoothie diets form is the easiest to follow and it involves

Pick your fruit (s) 

It depends on the fruits on the menu. It could be anything great for creating the base. Berries and bananas are the most ideal for creating the base, but any other fruit combination is surely great.

Depending on the time of the day or season, you can switch effects up still. But the thing should be to produce at least three mugs since you need to use the diet for two mess reserves.

Do You Need Frozen or Fresh Fruit? 

When it comes to making smoothies, using frozen fruits is a stylish helps to produce thicker drinks that are cold and pleasurable. You'll surely enjoy it after blending. 

In case you don't have firmed fruits, you can still free your fresh fruits in 30 twinkles before using them. Or you can simply choose to add some ice cells while blending your smoothie. 

Add a Thickener 

Frozen fruits make thicker smoothies, but you still need to add a thickener. The stylish thicker for a smoothie designed for weight loss is generally thin Greek yogurt. It's a great of calcium that helps to ameliorate bone health. Also, this product contains prebiotics hence it helps to ameliorate gut health by promoting bacterial balance. 

Alternately, you can also use vanilla yogurt, peanut adulation, or almond adulation. A mug serving is generally great. still, you can use a lower quantum in case you want to make a thinner smoothie. 

Add the Right Liquid

This is a drink hence you must add some liquid. In utmost cases, people frequently use water since it doesn't have calories. Besides that, water doesn't intrude on the taste of a smoothie. 

Still, you'll clearly have to twist and alter the constituents from time to time to help tedium. Piecemeal from water, you can also use almond milk which typically comes with a succulent nutty flavor. 

Still, use coconut milk as it has that tropical vibe If you are making a tropical smoothie. It also gives your drink a cottony sense and richer flavor. 

Consider Some Add-Ins 

Piecemeal from fruits, throw in some add- sways similar as kale or spinach. They are rich in nutrition and help to give your smoothie the right flavor. Besides that, you can also add cinnamon, fresh mint, and honey to take the flavor of your smoothie to the coming position. 

Smoothie Preparation Dos and Donts 

Smoothies are surely amazing, especially for weight loss and heartiness. Still, when preparing your smoothie, then are some of the Dos and Donts 

  1. Do Always Add a High-Protein Source. Protein generally takes longer to digest and it promotes a feeling of malnutrition. It also keeps your blood sugar situation stabilized and promotes muscle recovery. 
  2. Don't Add Juice as" don't use juice as the base for your smoothie. It'll simply add a gratuitous quantum of sugar. 
  3. Don't Skip healthy fats-this is a pivotal sating agent that helps in the production of hormones. Besides that, healthy fats are great in the immersion of fat-answerable vitamins similar to D, E, K, and A. 
  4. Do Add some spices as“ spices are great flavor boosters. Consider the likes of cocoa grease paint, cinnamon, or gusto since they contain high quantities of antioxidants that help to treat inflammation. Spices are great since they don't spike blood sugar situations. 
  5. Do Add flora as“ you'll no way go wrong with lush flora. They help to give further nutrients to the body but minus the threat of adding any redundant sugar. Adding a sprinkle of kale or spinach is surely a great way of icing your drink has enough flora. 
  6. Don't Put redundant fruits there is always that temptation that the further fruits you have, the healthier your smoothie, but this might affect advanced sugar content.
  7. Don't ignore fiber content-you still need a commodity that promotes the feeling of malnutrition. Fiber is good since it reduces food jones and ensures that you remain quenched for hours. 
  8. Don't Use the same type of flora every time“ this is going to make you detest your smoothie diet sooner. Besides that, using the same flora over and over will help your body from getting all the nutrients that you need. 
  9. Don't Overstuff your smoothie with supplements there is a misconception that the more you add supplements to your smoothie, the better it becomes. Don't do this. You can add a serving of supplement formerly in a while. Your thing should be to get the utmost of your nutrients from the shops and no other complements. Also, don't forget to do expansive exploration before adding a supplement to your diet plan.

How to Effectively Produce a Healthy and Practical Smoothie Diet Plan? 

The smoothie diet is relatively popular. But indeed with its instructions, occasionally you might want to use the same information to produce a customized diet plan. This is important, especially if you intended to use this diet for further than 21 days. 

So, rather than simply following the instruction companion that comes with the digital program, you can use the same information to produce a customized plan that fits your requirements. this means that you'll still be using the digital program for the intended purpose but in a different way.

So, how can you produce a healthy and practical smoothie diet plan?

Set Out Your Intended Pretensions 

For you to effectively use this program, you must have pretensions. Like what to do what to achieve and by when? You simply cant customize the information that comes with this digital program without knowing why you want it. 

For some people, the thing isn't only to promote weight loss but also to help them change their food habits. This could be through increased input of fruits and vegetables. If this is the case also they will surely make smoothies with high vegetable and fruit content. 

To some, it could be to jump-start the detoxification process. This is because the smoothie diet is effective in promoting the elimination of free revolutionaries and other poisons from the body. 

The Type of Constituents

We shouldn't have to worry about what we eat if we were living in a perfect world. unfortunately, that's not the case. We've to consider the sources of foods we consume. 

Of course, weight gain, in utmost cases is generally caused by our food habits. That's why you must be veritably conservative when it comes to the type of constituents you want in your smoothie. 

Only include edibles that are likely to promote weight loss and can help you maintain it in the long run. Use healthy constituents, especially those that have high quantities of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. 

Know When to Stop 

Do you want to use this diet plan for 21 days, 3 months, 6 months, etc.? you have to know when to stop because this will help you plan accordingly. However, you'll also be in a good position to plan the transitions, especially after taking the necessary breaks, If you aren not intending to stop soon. 

Note a smoothie diet plan is simply a healthy liquid diet plan. According to experts, it is ideal for use for shortages. That is why if you are planning to use it as a mess relief, you must eat a modest mess and still take snacks.

Besides that, you must take breaks if you intend to use it for much longer than anticipated. That is why you must also include the transition ages in your long-term plan.

Generally, it is not judicious to use this diet continuously for long since it features a reduced-calorie plan. You can apply your diet plan for 21 days, take a 7- day break or further before starting each over again. 

How Much Does the 21 Day Smoothie Diet Cost? 

The Smoothie Diet is a digital program that you can buy from the companys functionary website. You can pay for thee-book using multiple payment options including Visa, Master Card, American Express, PayPal, and Discover.

You must buy from the companys functionary website to ensure that you get legal and authentic weight loss products. You'll get legal and unmixed information. Likewise, you stand a better chance of getting reduction offers if you make purchases from the sanctioned website. The full diet package costs.

Still, this diet program doesn't work for you, also you can seek a refund, If for some reason. The program comes with a 60- day plutocrat- reverse guarantee period. 

Note that the Smooth Diet doesn not have any shipping factors since this is entirely a digital program. Once you have paid, you'lll simply gain access to the program. 

The Bottom Line 

So, should you buy the Smoothie Diet?

Absolutely yes. However, also this should be a stylish way to protest start your trip If you want to lose weight and lead a healthy life.

The digital program which acts as a mess relief introduces you to an easier and faster way of losing weight while fully transubstantiating your body within weeks. Besides that, it detoxes your system of poisonous waste, promoting your natural beauty and icing you look youngish. Its simplified exercises give you different bits of drill programs for different situations. Overall, it is an- around heartiness result that gives you value for plutocrat. 


  • Promotes natural weight loss. 
  • Produces noticeable weight loss and wellness results within a month. 
  • Features healthy low-calorie smoothie meals. 
  • All the smoothies are made with natural ingredients. 
  • Comes with weekly shopping lists and makes grocery shopping easier. 
  • Promotes convenience by offering quick and easy meal preparation methods.
  • Improves physical appearance, especially the skin, hair, and nails. 


  • You might end up regaining the lost weight. 
  • Not ideal for long-term use continuously. 
  • The digital program can only be purchased from the companys official website.
  • It is a diet that is rich in carbs.
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