10 Best Minimalist Running Shoes for Natural Movement & Stability

Best Minimalist Running Shoes

Continuing our series on the best minimalist shoes, here we identify the 10 best minimalist road running shoes. 

Yes, choosing the right road running shoes could be tricky because every runner has different type of feet and needs. 

Minimalist road running shoes have taken over the old, thick-soled shoes that weigh heavy and restricts natural movement. 

Minimalist road running shoes are lighter, have low stack height and flexible outsole. These are what usually define minimalist running shoes.

If you are looking for the right minimalist road running shoes then read this article.

Newbies and seasoned runners deserve to have a good pair that good last a lifetime and could increase their power in running. 

Running is fun but you also need to be safe. Being safe is by wearing the right footwear. Take a look on these 10 best minimalist road running shoes and choose which one would you prefer.

Merrell Road Glove

Merrell Road Glove is made of synthetic leather and breathable mesh which adds durability to the pair and unifies the overall design. It weighs just around 7 ounces and a stack height of 10mm. 

This light and low-drop pair enhances your speed and allows you to move in a more natural way. 

However, you may find that the insole could not be removed so makes sure that you are comfortable with the material used. 

With just the right amount of firmness, support and control could be maximized.
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Altra The ONE

This is usually billed as the perfect shoe for road running and speed workouts. 

Altra The ONE is very light and well-cushioned that allows you to speed up on the road. 

Its wide toe box gives enough room for your toes to spread out once it hits the ground. 

This easily connects your feet to the ground which allows immediate response. 

Altra The ONE’s well-cushioned midsole adds support and control while its outsole are patterned to increase agility and flexibility.

Inov-8 Road Extreme 138

This innovative pair is ultra light and has a high grip on the road. This is an ideal footwear not only for road running but also for trail running and fitness activities. 

Runners are amazed on how powerful its grip and traction on the road in spite of being lightweight. 

Its breathable mesh upper allows enough air circulation and quick-drying. Inov-8 Road Extreme 138 is designed for improve your agility, flexibility, control and stability.
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Adidas Adipure Gazelle

As its name suggests, this pair aims you to move as fast and as graceful as the gazelle. This is designed to ensure that your natural mobility is achieved without limiting your speed and control. 

With a stack height of only 16mm, you experienced a close-to-the-ground feel that maximizes your grip and provides high traction. It gives just the right amount of cushion and protection.

Mizuno EVO Levitas

Mizuno EVO Levitas in uniquely designed which makes it famous and interesting. It is not only known for its obliquely- shaped toebox but it is also takes pride on its good midfoot striking. 

This zero-drop pair responds well to the ground and allows better flexibility and agility during running. Among EVO shoes, Mizuno EVO Levitas is considered as the lightest and the fastest.
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Skora Form

This is built differently compared with other minimalist road running shoes. This outstanding pair has an asymmetrical lacing and its one- piece tongue unifies the design and secures comfort and good fit. 

It is made from premium and high-quality that is both breathable and durable. Its leather lining keeps water from going inside the shoes which could result to discomfort and minimal speed. 

It also dries fast as opposed to other leather road running shoes. If you just love the idea of a leather road running shoes, get this. Buy Now: Skora Form

Saucony Virrata

Saucony Virrata has been billed as the lightest and most flexible road running shoe. This gives your feet enough room and secure fit to move naturally.

It does not restrict your movement and still maximizes your agility during running. Its well-cushioned insole increases gives you powerful stride. 

Its zero-drop heel promotes good grip and high traction on the ground.
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Vivobarefoot One

Barefoot running becomes more exciting and thrilling with Vivobarefoot One. It gives you an intimate contact with the ground that allows you to move swiftly and flexibly. 

Its super clean and sleek design makes it an appealing running shoe. Its super thin and PU-laminated upper gives you more power in the midfoot area where you could feel the ground, respond to it and still permits enough protection.
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New Balance Minimus HI-REZ

This is one good- looking road running shoe. If you are looking for a shoe that is both exceptionally well-designed and packed with amazing features then New Balance Minimus HI-REZ is for you. 

This pair is famous for its 42 lightweight midsole pods that are attached to a flexible base that unifies the movement of the shoe, adds flexibility and increases durability.
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Mizuno Wave Universe 5

This is designed to impress and true enough, runners are amazed on how exceptionally good the overall concept is. 

It made use of U4ic for its midsole which achieves a smooth ride and high fraction. Its G3 outsole provides stability and flexibility. Its close-to-the-ground feel enhances speed.
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So there we have it: the 10 best minimalist road running shoes. Do you have others you will recommend? Please comment below.

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