Landice Rehab (RTM) Treadmill. L7 RTM Treadmill

Landice is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to treadmills. The proof for that are numerous positive Landice treadmill reviews. If you are looking for a rehab treadmill, you are in the right place, I present to you Landice Rehab treadmill, one of the best rehab treadmills on the market.

Landice Rehab (RTM) Treadmill. L7 RTM Treadmill

Landice manufactures top notch treadmills, and this name exists since 1967. It was established in USA and it is a consistent leader in fitness industry, among all other fitness giants. Landice makes treadmills primarily for commercial fitness centers, but there are also devices for home use only. This model is meant for rehab and it stands out from other models.

This model is built to institutional standards and when used regularly, this treadmill will last a lifetime. It has aluminum frame, made for high quality components and it will come with lifetime parts warranty. 

It has been used in treatments of the most acute neurological and post-operative conditions, but it can be used in training in overall. The Landice L7 treadmill is the best solution for rehabilitative, sports conditioning and medical therapy.


As for the cushioning goes, the L7 treadmill can be found with two different cushioning systems. In the base price you can find VFX Shock Absorption, and that means you will get five times softer than grass system, and more than comfortable for most trainees. 

But, if you are not satisfied with that, you can get, for an extra charge, a track with orthopedic suspension, so the system will be seven times more cushioning than grass.

Four treadmill consoles are available for workout programming, the Pro Trainer, Pro Sports, Cardio and Executive. 

All programming is in full color if you choose luxury Executive model. It will monitor heart rate control, race programs and interval training. These options are only few among many that this treadmill offers.

Tablet computer brackets will keep this treadmill up to date tech for many year that will come and as I mentioned, you can choose one of the four console choice. If you choose the top priced Executive Control Panel, you will get 9″ color screen with high resolution, so your workout will be improved. 

This profile has also six climbing profiles, like the Empire State Building, distance workouts, and many more. If you are buying this console for your home, option to save up to five user profiles will make you happy.

The Cardio Control Panel will offer you a traditional LCD and option to save two user profiles. There are also fitness tests, heart rate programs, and numerous numbers of other preset programs. You will love this control panel, there is no doubt about that, and will serve you a long, long time.

The Pro Sports Panel has heart rate monitoring and five preset workouts. It will allow you saving a five custom made workouts. So, that is innovation for this treadmill.

When it comes to simplicity, the Pro Trainer is the one to go. This console has only the basic statistics and it will provide you a five preset workouts, wireless heart rate monitoring and two user designed program slots. Good enough for one average household and you won’t lack anything with this console.

Landice Rehabilitation L7 model has very powerful dive motor of 3 horsepower continuous-duty drive motor. This motor is made in USA and I can assure you it will deliver 3 hp without overheating, so you can practice and exercise as much as you want and can. If you need additional security, wearing the safety lanyard with magnetic key switch will provide you quick stop when you need it during the fitness routine.

This model uses a high-inertia cast flywheel and it will provide you, not only smooth feel, but it will also protect the motor and electronics from damaging foot-plant spikes which reduce life. There are also large diameter rollers which require less tension than smaller rollers, because they have more surface area to grab the belt.

The zero starting speed and reversing belt direction for downhill will come in handy in medical rehabilitation. There is also retro walking and AccuTrack Contact heart rate monitoring. 

One for things which divides this treadmill from others is 100 micro-amp hospital isolation and orthopedic tread belt. Price of Landice Rehabilitation L7 is a bit high, but it can be acceptable, knowing you will get the top notch treadmill.

Pros and Cons

The great thing is the incline range from 0-15%, speed range from 0.1 to 12.0 and 100 micro-amp hospital isolation. There is also rust free aluminum frame and over speed protection, so you won’t have to worry about that. 

Console choices are also an excellent feature. You can include medical rail, hand grip rate sensors and orthopedic cushioning. The safety key will come in handy in case you fall of the treadmill. This treadmill can hold the person of a 400 pound and that goes under the high capacity.

Even though this treadmill is not that large, the non folding deck makes it pretty much too large for some homes and spaces. It footprint is 35″ wide and 76″ long. When it comes to price, there is no doubt you will get the excellent treadmill for the price you paid, but, some customers think it is a bit too much, especially for extras, like TV and the most expensive console.

When it comes to treadmills, Landice really leads the way, and this treadmill showed us that. It has everything one household needs to have in one treadmill, and if you want a good rehab treadmill, you should go with this one. From our Landice Treadmill Review you will see the same thing. This treadmill is always among 10 best treadmills on the market.
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