Best Epic Treadmill Reviews

Best Epic Treadmill Reviews
Best Epic Treadmill Reviews
The Epic name became a serious name among elite training centers, since they provide excellent, first grade treadmills. In many Epic treadmills reviews you will find nothing but good words for this name, and because of that these next three treadmills are among the best treadmills. Let’s see why.

Epic A42T Platinum Treadmill

This is one of the best Epic treadmills there is. It has Active Adjust Technology and this technology will allow you to adjust angle and height of the console so it will fit your personal height, and you can see the HD screen as you want. Besides that, this model comes with standard heart monitoring chest strap, and when you wear it, you will get precise and accurate monitoring of your heart rate. Since monitoring of the heart rate is one of the best ways to see the progress of your workout, this feature will most certainly come in handy every time you exercise.

If you are concern about shortage for options regarding incline and speed, no need to be if you are using Epic A42T. Speed range is from 1mph to 12mph, and incline range is -3% all the way to 15%. And since there are only several treadmills on the market that offer a negative incline, with this one, you will get that too. Changing of the speed and incline is very easy with just the touch of one button on the console. If you want good interval training, this feature will come in handy.

If you love to listen to music while running, then iPod compatible audio feature will amaze you. This treadmill has built in iPod plug-in port and 3in built in speakers. You can listen to music with headphones on or through integrated speakers. The choice is yours.

Epic A35T Treadmill

Epic A35T treadmill has 3.5hp motor for 20″x60″ belt and that is definitely more than enough. So you will get really strong machine and it will last you a long time. The greatest thing about this treadmill, though, is the fact it has 40 preset workout programs, while every other treadmill comes with about 10 to 24 workout programs. You will get variety of programs options, reaching your perfect line in no time. You can customize the exercise with this model’s four user-defined workout applications, so if the whole family is using this treadmill, it will be useful.

Just incline feature is pretty rare, about half of all treadmills have this feature, and only 15% have negative incline feature. This model has both. These features will make your workout hard since you will be running uphill or downward. Try realistic terrain and use workouts using Google Maps and you will feel like you are outside, somewhere else in the world. This unit has 350 lb, and that means you will get sturdy and heavy machine, providing you a smooth workout experience. The difference between light and heavy treadmill is that the lighter one will move a few inches when it takes the impact of your movement. But, when you have a machine that weighs 350 lb, you won’t have problems with stability.

Safe Zone technology is a safety feature that offers you a sensor built into the rear of the treadmill. That means you will get a sound warning and also visual notification when your children or pets come near the machine when you are working out. If they come too close, or just close enough to distract you, this model will automatically stop and prevent accident. Another great feature is that you will have your own personal virtual trainer with this treadmill. IFit module comes built in this model. You can enjoy the benefits of having a personal trainer and also many other features, bringing workouts to the next level. Epic A35T treadmill retails at an excellent price.

Epic View 550 Treadmill

This is really an economy priced treadmill. It has the 3.0 hp motor, so you can safely put this model into your fitness club, because it can hold industrial setting, and it can hold the users weighing up to 350 pounds. Epic View 550 has really excellent audio and video features. It has audio ports, subwoofers and also a seven inch TV. So, you can watch your favorite TV show while working out. Or you are music junky? No worries, you can listen to a music too, and have a nice workout. There is also a built in console fan, so that will make you happy, you have to admit.

There are 28 workout programs to help you stay motivated and exercise with all sorts of different and individualized programs. Whether your goal is to lose weight, or to have aerobic fitness, or you are having performance training, these 28 programs will meet your needs.

Track is 60″ and it is ideal for runners and also tall walkers, and with Comfort Stride system you will keep the health of your joints preserved. The warranty of this Epic model is really long and it is 12 years motor warranty. The only problem is that you get only on year warranty on parts, so that is really disappointing, and as for the assembling goes, you will need at least one more person to assemble the View 550 treadmill.

Buying a new treadmill, that is not an easy job, since you have to choose one in the sea of all sorts of treadmills, especially if you don’t know much about fitness and your own needs. If you read Epic Treadmill Reviews you will see that this name is among 10 best names in fitness industry, so buying an Epic treadmill should be one of your first choices, since with these treadmills you can’t go wrong. So, no matter what is the reason of buying a treadmill, you should buy the best of best, and these treadmills are that.
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