A Quick Guide To The Paleo Diet

A Quick Guide To The Paleo Diet

Countless diet programs are used with the goal of losing weight and improving health. And even with the seemingly uncountable diet plans available, you can still expect more diet plans to emerge in the market. Nowadays, Paleo Diet is one of the famous diet plans anyone can do at their own home.

Before getting into the program…

Trying out a diet plan brings different challenges among individuals. Some diet plans require people to cut down and count their calorie intake. The problem is this can be quite annoying since it makes a person feel limited or controlled.

Paleo Diet, however, is a plan that won’t require you to count your calories. Its goal is to bring back the diet plan people used to follow in the past.

Human beings’ lifestyle: Today versus the Yesteryears

Change certainly occurred throughout the years. However, most people tend to avoid noticing these changes. One of these changes is people’s lifestyle and eating habits.

If you’ll notice, people in the past are more agile, muscular, and athletic. Nowadays, individuals are inactive, living a sedentary lifestyle, overweight, and experiencing a wide array of health problems. In addition to being unhealthy, they are also prone to various psychological issues like depression and others.

Food choices and availability are regarded as the culprit of human changes. With the help of this plan, people can go back to meals that are meant for human consumption, ultimately improving health and resulting in weight loss.

Understanding The Paleo Diet

The majority of individuals hearing about this plan would immediately claim that it’s another fad diet, promising everything that consumers want to hear, but granting none of them in the end. However, dieters who followed this plan proved it as among the most effective diet programs.

The focus of the Paleo Diet? Its primary focus is diverting dieters from meals like grains, dairy, carbohydrates, and sugar. It also promotes more meat, vegetables, and fruits while keeping everyone away from their favorite, unhealthy snacks.

Here are the noted meals to avoid as well as their details in following this diet plan:

  • Grains.
    • Grains are often included in individuals’ daily diets. They possess carbohydrates as a primary component, which will transform into glucose once digested. Glucose is also a known source of energy that will keep you going throughout the day.
    • However, experts who developed this diet plan note that unused glucose in the body will be kept as fat. Therefore, eating grains daily and in every meal will promote high levels of glucose that will remain unused throughout the day, making it difficult for you to lose weight.
    • In addition to glucose, grains also possess lectins and gluten. The latter is a protein found in grains like wheat, barley, and rye. Many individuals nowadays are suffering from gluten intolerance, which causes them to develop a variety of health issues. On the other hand, lectins are natural, toxic components found in the same food types developed through evolution. Since it’s toxic, it prevents humans from taking in grains. Once eaten, lectins react in the digestive tract and decrease its ability to self-repair, ultimately resulting in other health problems.
  • Sugars.
    • Sugars are also regarded as an energy source. However, Paleo Diet emphasizes that sugar is only acceptable as long as it came from natural sources like fruits. Processed sugar only promotes energy fluctuation in the body, resulting in fats in the process unless you use them immediately.
  • Dairy products.
    • According to experts, dairy products should be avoided because, in essence, the human body is not designed to drink milk upon passing the infancy stage, just like other species in the animal kingdom.

What you can eat in following the Paleo Diet?

You’re probably thinking about what is left to eat after the information overload about this diet plan. You can still eat a lot of meals like the following:

  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Natural oils
  • Tubers
  • Nuts

The good thing about these meals is they don’t seem restricting. In essence, you don’t miss out on any nutrient source while ensuring you’ll be full all the time. 

Moreover, it’s possible to create a wide array of meals using these ingredients, giving variation to avoid burnout and being lured back to your usual eating habit.

How does Paleo Diet help you lose weight?

This is the most important part of discussing any diet plan with readers. After all the meals to avoid, eating habits to tweak, and recommended food to take, how does this plan help you lose weight? Various key points can stress out the process of losing weight with this program.

  • Filling foods. All the recommended foods in the plan are filling. Overeating is a common problem among people simply because the foods they take in are not that filling. With the suggested meals, you’ll surely prevent overeating and start to shed excess fats.
  • Burning glucose for energy. As mentioned earlier, unused glucose will be stored as fats. But by cutting down your carbohydrate consumption from foods, your body will have no choice but to burn glucose in the body. You’ll keep yourself from storing too much glucose while using the stored ones, which brings you to a win-win situation.
  • Keeps you from snacking. Snacking is among the culprits in fat build-up. Paleo Diet stops you from snacking and lets you eat healthier meals for added benefits.

An important point

Paleo Diet has proven itself effective for everyone dreaming of weight loss. Nonetheless, it requires a great deal of commitment. If you’re not committed to letting go of your favorite, unhealthy snacks, stay away from this plan as it won’t work for you.

Furthermore, be sure to check with your physician first before trying the plan. Check your allergies to food and overall health state to guarantee effective yet safe weight loss.

Overall, Paleo Diet emerges as an effective weight loss plan. With proper commitment and focus, you’ll see results fast and enjoy a healthier life and great looking body.

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