Dukan Diet – Getting to Know the Diet Plan

Dukan Diet To lose weight and get fit

It’s no secret that countless diet programs are served to people today. The majority of individuals across the globe find the importance of maintaining a healthy body while ensuring a quality of life simultaneously. When it comes to diet plans, the Dukan diet is probably among the new terms seen in the fitness world.

In most cases, several body-conscious individuals would immediately try this diet plan to lose weight. Nevertheless, it’s important to know first what this diet promises and how it will work in your body.

An introduction to the Dukan diet

This diet became famous in the fitness world after hearing about Kate Middleton’s mother, the New Duchess of Windsor, do this plan in order to be in shape prior to her daughter’s wedding. Being popularized by a royal family member, a lot of people became curious as to how to do this plan.

The diet plan was named after Dr. Pierre Dukan, who devoted his career and life to assisting individuals who want to lose weight. In this plan, a dieter will find several variations of today’s famous diets. 

The French physician believed that calorie counting is not important as long as they go with his diet plan. Moreover, he emphasized that you don’t need to deprive yourself of your favorite foods just to see results.

How the diet program started

This plan started to gain fame in France where Dukan tapped a number of people to learn about his solution. H

e published his ideas in a book titled “The Dukan diet” in 2000, making its way to the global market. Reports stated that the book sold three million copies and new individuals who want to learn more about it are probably searching for a copy right now.

The key factors in the plan

Similarly, with other diet programs, this approach follows certain key factors that result in weight loss. Four phases or stages are the working processes that help you achieve results. Here are the phases to prepare you for the diet plan.

  • Attack. This phase is where you’ll use the True Weight Calculator, which information is included in the book. You’ll calculate a target weight loss that’s attainable for you. No exaggerated promises, but something that your body can achieve. Your first week will start with lean protein to complete your daily diet and an oat bran serving.
  • Cruise. In this diet phase, you’ll still eat the same lean proteins, but with fiber-rich vegetables this time. You also need to set your meal schedules alternately, where you’ll eat the phase two foods on one day and take in phase one foods on the next. Continue doing this until you achieve your true weight as calculated during the first phase.
  • Consolidation. You still need to take in the same meals and reward yourself by incorporating bread and cheeses.
  • Stabilization. This Dukan diet phase allows you to start eating your favorite foods since your body has stabilized its weight. However, you will only be successful in this phase by following the first three stages religiously.

The Dukan diet is a notable program introduced by a physician. Keep these details in mind to ensure you’ll get results in stabilizing your weight.

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