Most Delicious Countries of European Cuisine

Most Delicious Countries of European Cuisine
Europe has plenty of delicious food that you can try. Whether it’s somewhere in the Balkans or the Mediterranean. Here are the best European food recipes.


Austria’s most famous dish is the Wiener schnitzel. The dish’s name includes Wien which means Vienna. It is made of well-cooked and thin-sliced veal served with a potato salad and slice of lemon.


Belgium is known for its super delicious waffles, fries, and chocolates but the national dish is moules. It’s made of mussels served with cream and white wine.


Bulgaria a lot of famous dishes such as mekitsa, shops salad, sarma, kebapche, and kofta. The one that stands out is banitsa. Banitsa is made of whiskered eggs and white cheese layered in a dough that eventually turns into a traditional pie.


Croatia has one of a kind black risotto. It’s made of squid (or cuttlefish), olive oil, red wine, garlic, and squid ink. The squid ink gives the black color and also contributes to the intense flavor.


The most famous dish is Koupepia. It’s made of minced meat (beef or pork), stuffed in rice, and covered by grape leaves. It is seasoned with fresh herbs and cooked in tomato sauce.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a fantastic stew called Gulas. It’s made of pork or beef mixed with onions and other vegetables.


Denmark’s most traditional dish is the Aebleflaesk, which is made from pork belly (salted or cured) fried with thyme, sugar, and apples.


Estonia is known for one of the best Rye bread in Europe which is made of whole wheat grain.


France has a long list of delicious foods but the one that really stands out is the Boeuf bourguignon. This is a beef stew cooked with bacon, carrots, garlic, onions, mushrooms, and a bundle of garni.


has a wide variety of foods, most of which include meat. The national dish that you must try if in Germany is Sauerbrauten. This is a traditional roast beef stew cooked with herbs.


Greece’s national dish is the gyros. The gyro (or gyros) is a dish that’s made of meat (pork or chicken) covered in a pita. It’s similar to the kebab and shawarma.


Ireland is the home to the famous Irish stew. The stew includes lamb and root vegetables (such as carrots or potatoes).


Italy is known as the world’s best place for pizza. Italian pizza is one of a kind and it’s one of the best European food recipes on the entire continent.


Netherlands is perfect for the lovers of candy. Stroopwafel is one of the best waffles that you can try. It’s made of two layers of wafer cookie with a caramel filling in-between them.


Portugal has a very interesting cuisine with all sorts of dishes. The one that stands out is the Pasteis de nata. This dish is made of an egg tart that’s usually dusted with cinnamon.


Spain is home to dishes like croquettes, gazpacho, samlorejo, pesto, and the Spanish omelet. The best dish in the country is Paella. It is served in a pan and consists of white rice, shrimps, green beans, meat (chicken, rabbit or duck), garrofo, and even snails.
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